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People who care about stats suck and are 2013/14 scrubs. (Aka you most likely play team slayer in full teams bridging host.) Skill>Stats Challenge me to mlg customs please. Better. More Known. Halo 4 kids think they are good at halo but really are not.
For all you bad kids who use this site i would like to congratulate you for being able to kill brainless kids in 2013/14. I either played skill restriction or i didn't have a full party. The only fun thing about xbox is beating top players. I have a .34 down 20 up aka your shots connect and mine don't. Never beaten on my host or LAN. Best dubs players legit-  Enzu v2, ThuxeM, vDean, xRaptr2, Danyruffles (Online only for him connectiony and very bad at mlg) Snipicide aka Corruptoid (Lindsay xp is the worst corruptoid is better.) BTW Jon/jared you silly mm kids why so salty? Oh you blow with super connection. #SoMad
I play 8 sens, Bumper Jumper, Vibe, Astro A40, Default controller, 3g hotspot with 42 inch insignia #Monitors are so much better.  BTW 7-1 on Sniperoidz #BestInWisco
Oh yeah, I like fearanoid as a person, but im not keeping someone who team shoots rumble pit, cheats, speedtests, and does not search skill restriction. I dont care about stats i dont try when i get noobs. MLG Custom Games> All
40,450.6 5,834
K/D: 2.86
K+A/D: 3.79
Win %: 88.2
Spread: 11851
Kills: 18210
Assists: 5900
Deaths: 6359
Games: 1291
Highest CSR: 50
Rank: Reclaimer
Kills: 76830
Assists: 15428
Deaths: 16251
K/d: 4.73
K+A/d: 5.68
Last Played: 11/8/2014
Last Updated: 11/10/2014
Games Played: 5863
Wins: 5656
Win Percentage: 96.47%
Kills/Game: 13.10
Assists/Game: 2.63
Deaths/Game: 2.77
Armory Completion: 100.00
Commendation Completion: 67.00
Daily Challenges: 726
Weekly Challenges: 23
309,743.84 787
Started Playing:
Last Updated:
Games Played:
Ranked Games:
Social Games:
Custom Games:
Total EXP:
Exp Effectiveness:
Days Played:
Ranked K/d:
Social K/d:
Overall K/d:
Ranked Kills:
Ranked Deaths:
Ranked K/g:
Ranked D/g:
Social Kills:
Social Deaths:
Social K/g:
Social D/g:
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