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20,060.5 17,146
K/D: 1.97
K+A/D: 2.49
Win %: 55.4
Spread: 18126
Kills: 36770
Assists: 9626
Deaths: 18644
Games: 2520
Highest CSR: 44
Rank: Inheritor
Kills: 211562
Assists: 27439
Deaths: 135302
K/d: 1.56
K+A/d: 1.77
Last Played: 12/3/2020
Last Updated: 1/17/2021
Games Played: 13663
Wins: 8669
Win Percentage: 63.45%
Kills/Game: 15.48
Assists/Game: 2.01
Deaths/Game: 9.90
Armory Completion: 100.00
Commendation Completion: 76.00
Daily Challenges: 1337
Weekly Challenges: 53
Started Playing:
Last Updated:
Games Played:
Ranked Games:
Social Games:
Custom Games:
Total EXP:
Exp Effectiveness:
Days Played:
Ranked K/d:
Social K/d:
Overall K/d:
Ranked Kills:
Ranked Deaths:
Ranked K/g:
Ranked D/g:
Social Kills:
Social Deaths:
Social K/g:
Social D/g:
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User Name: Triston024
Join Date: 12/20/2011 5:21:55 PM
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Credit/Post Ratio: 0.00
Forum Rank: Bronze Private
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