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Greetings, I.. am Verrückter Schakal, German for "Mad Jackal" I am a Therian, And no, Therian (Otherkin) Are not furries. There is a difference.  I am a Masochist. I love knives/Daggers, Pain, many various things that could be seen by others as either offensive, or NSFW.  I'm not like other people you've met before. I can be a gentle person, nice and friendly. However, if you cross me, well.. you'll see a side of me that you will not enjoy.  I hold nothing back, I tell it how it is, even if that means offending someone. I don't see the point to holding back words, all it does is build up unneeded anger and rage. Something I've had enough of in my life.

My Story, where should I begin? Well I am a gamer of 34 years of age. I've been gaming since the 8Bit Nintendo was new. Played plenty of bad games, and plenty of good games as well. However, the best parts of my life wasn't spent behind a TV screen. Or even a Computer Screen gaming on there as well before there was such a thing as "Windows". No. Best times of my life were spent abroad. In Japan, and Thailand and other locations which I cannot discuss while a part of the United States Marine Corps.

I have served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, been to 29-palms Ca, Camp Pendleton Ca, Okinawa Japan, and Thailand. I have done much, and had fun while serving my country, the Units I was in, was

    Headquarters Battalion Bravo Company, Base Motor’s and Equipment Supply Division (ESD)

    III Marine Expeditionary Force, Headquarters Company - Motor-T

    3rd battalion 4th Marines, Headquarters Company - Motor-T

    And 3rd Battalion 7th Marines, Headquarters Company - Motor-T

And other classified opportunities. So as you can tell, my main MOS or, Military Occupational Specialty (or JOB) was Motor-Transport, 3531, or a driver to put it into civilian terms.

    My life might be chaotic, and uncertain, but over the last several years , it's something I've grown accustom to, in that I know I'm not stable , some things aren't for me, they never will be. My emotional and mental state, is fucked up, for several reasons, yet, I'm still alive, healthy, for the most part.. and around those who do care for me, and understand my strife. It might not be the perfect life for some, or one that they would prefer, but, it's my life, and I've accepted it. 'I've accepted things knowing more than likely they'll never be more then they are. I do try day to day to change them, but little luck ever prevails. so this is the perfectly fine, by my definition. And it's at my worst compared to my past, but it is me. And that, well.. is that.

So all in all, I'm quite the unique individual. You'll either love me, or hate me. But you've got the choice to take me for who I am, or not.  Have a pleasant day. =)

995.8 229,492
K/D: 0.84
K+A/D: 1.20
Win %: 46.6
Spread: -601
Kills: 3055
Assists: 1329
Deaths: 3656
Games: 367
Highest CSR: 9
Rank: General Grade 4
Kills: 10152
Assists: 2439
Deaths: 9896
K/d: 1.03
K+A/d: 1.27
Last Played: 12/22/2015
Last Updated: 2/7/2021
Games Played: 1047
Wins: 642
Win Percentage: 61.32%
Kills/Game: 9.70
Assists/Game: 2.33
Deaths/Game: 9.45
Armory Completion: 48.00
Commendation Completion: 48.00
Daily Challenges: 198
Weekly Challenges: 10
Started Playing:
Last Updated:
Games Played:
Ranked Games:
Social Games:
Custom Games:
Total EXP:
Exp Effectiveness:
Days Played:
Ranked K/d:
Social K/d:
Overall K/d:
Ranked Kills:
Ranked Deaths:
Ranked K/g:
Ranked D/g:
Social Kills:
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