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Logo Group Name Description Members
Team Digital a ninja group 1
Xxhalo playersxX Join to find out more;) 9
! Big Team Battle - HTR ! Loading.... 109
"Clan LEX" Solo veri LEX 1
* MadStyleGaming * Created by MadStyleGaming - 1
*Halo 4 - SR-130's * Only SR-130's allowed in this group there will be awards for this group sometime down in the Future. 16
*HTFU Australia A Halo 4 non-clan list of players focused on Winning with communication, teamwork and skill 3
*PRO* -BTB- *TEAM* Hey guys I havn't been on Reach in a while cause I havn't had gold or a mic in a while when I finally get gold I'm looking for a pro Btb team you must have a mic. 1.00 or higher k/d msg me Gt KrAzYnAvYdUdE1 I'll be on all week. 0
-Halo reach- Swat swat only for any ranks who love to play swat and chill 8
-PARTY UP- All halo's, for people that just want to party up, win games, and have fun. 1
....Runescape Deluxe... ...............Runescape no no 2
>Halo Infinity Slayer< Join if you want to party up with people and play some infinity slayer. We need members. 16
_ . ~ *[FR33BORN]* ~ . _ Community Fans toward this Professional Gaming Clan. 1
1.1.SiX For I am Unashamed 2
114th O.D.S.T. We cheat death from his rightful victory 1
162nd ODST Come learn how to play evac and join our group the 162nd ! Our website is EvacHalo.webs 3
2nd Trikk Lol YOLOERS 4
343 industries Halo is in good hands 2
3rd Shock Army A group for players that are a bit better than average and willing to go objective from time to time. 1
4v4 Customs IG Settings A group for 4v4 custom games. 1
5 Star Generals Join if your a 5 Star. If not sorry. 37
7th Emblem A group of us 7's. 4
9th Faction Halo: Reach Team 1
A Juice Box Clan A clan for all of those who enjoy juice boxes flavoring from grape to almond. 3
A List Gamers A List is a community owned gaming organization that plays all games on every platform. 0
A.B.O.M.B We are a bunch of beasts! Private clan 0
aaax swat players xaaa need two swat players message me on xbox aned ill inv 1
Achievement Helpers
View Forum
Need help getting those Achievements for Halo? You have come to the right place 81
Action Sack Fridays This group is for people who love to play Action Sack. This group is made to be played on Fridays only. Join up and Lets have some fun 6
Action Sack Warrior's a place to gather up players for Action Sack pro teams, and a casual place to discuss action sack topics 14
Advanced Gaming - aG For aG members. 1
AGLA Grifball we love grifball! 5
AGRawr Fan Club A fan club dedicated to AGRawr! 14
ALEG Question Reality Semi-Pro MLG team 1
All of Halotracker This is a group made to make people enjoy playing Halo. 20
All-Star Dragons People who are good at Arena please join I will test you 1v1 against me and see how you do and we play againest random players!!!! 1
AllStars Just For Pros And AllStars 1
American Gamers For those people who love the U.S.A and will do anything thing for this great country. 1
AMLG Anniversary major league gaming 4
Anci3nt Warriors Older folks, but still gaming 10
Anime Fan Club Join if you enjoy watching anime or reading manga! 4
Another Clan No camping, No jumping, NO NOOBS! 1
Anti-Sober Washinton Live in Washington State? Old enough to smoke the dankest of the dank weed? Join to play with others who are never sober while playing Halo. If you havent smoked weed or arent old enough...plz keep your sober ass away from my buzz 1
anubis's retreat private tournament info not for the community eyes yet 2
APK TAKEOVER We are taking over 1
Apostles of Pain We are a Halo 4 based clan that is looking for new members. Members must be 14 or older and have a mic. 1
Arby n the Chief Fan Club For people who like Arby N the Chief 2
arcangle having fun and great percition 1
Arctic Hurricane A small group of God like skills. 0
Arena Gaming League A place for competitive players to get together and play customs and playlist. 1
Art "N" Anime Created to represent talented artist on the net. Inspired by "Homunculi v1". Here you get to talk about great anime shows and more. Also,don't forget to post your Art! 1
Art Dept Halotracker Art Dept 9
Assassains Creed United Abrand new clan thats nothing serious. Emblem, colors, and motto. thats it. 1
Assassination This group is for those who love assissination. 1
Astro Gaming For those how got Astro's 15
ATKM An awesome clan ATKM has all your looking for in a clan just ask me i was recruited and i love it they know how to have fun we have amazing people that play for us and when its time to get serious you better believe we're serious we also have clan battles 1
Australian Head Shots recruting people and hosting friednly MLG Customs every so often (if enough players) 1
Austrian Halo Gamers Are u Austrian? Do u Play Halo? If u do so just join this Group its a place to find Other Austrian Players N stuff like that 2
AWAC Anyone want a cookie? 1
Awsome clan-TNX TNX is a clan that plays team slayer, fun custom games, and custom btb clan battles 1
AZ Lan None 0
B's Hive B's group 11
Backhouse obvious 2
Bad Company AK Status 0
BAD KIDS For Total BKs 1
Banned Players Join if your been ban from the leaderboards,and don't be shy to join. 5
Battlefield 4 players Play Battlefield 4? Then this group is for you. 0
Being a Boss! 0
Beserk MLG Team A group of good players that enjoy winning 0
Better With Black a stealth/cover of night clan/group/organization. Feel free to request joining! 1
beyond the human mind a group i wish to create to meet people who baleive that they are creative in the knowledge of thinking itself nothing will be set in stone here its just a group of "thinkers" 4
Bgrafix's tech support it's in the name 3
Big Team Battle-Team :) Add AltimeBestNoob ,i am not a noob a have a 3.46 K/D lol, but if you want to join add me ,tnx 4 your time. ATBN 1
Black Widow Clan White Widow Clan Not Just A Clan, But A Great Group Of Friends 3
Blades of Renewal Group for people who like to have a laugh and win. 2
Blame Ativan A group dedicated to blaming Ativan and saying she is the reason we lose games because of her lag, and complete badness! 56
BloodAngels we are the harvegeners of death 1
Bloodshot Guardians a team of fun loving competitve halo nerds 1
BNG Blue 'n' Gold Clan 1
BOOBS we are a clan of 1v1 veterans 1
Boom! Headshot! SWAT gametypes only. i dint have a mic or a gold membership, but if you can submit maps and gametypes, I'd greatly appreciate it! 1
BoR Halo reach Sangheili Clan 0
BRAVO CLAN Cool place to relax and have fun with friends 1
British Gamers For the people who live in the best countries in the world :P 15
Broadcaster Spotlight A place to discuss the Broadcaster Spotlight. 9
Brotherhood of Retaliating Onslaught Where anybody comes in for a good time working for a team 0
BRW Playing to Win!!! 10
BTB All Stars No More Randoms! 11
BTB and INVASION RAPISTS people who are actually gd at btb and invasion 1
BTB Customs BTB Customs Weekends 3
BTB Spawn Killer Join if your a spawn killer,and love owning bk's 9
Buddy system gaming Group for BSG members 1
Bull3tPr00f Halo community based around anniversary classic, anniversary btb, as well as the Reach playlists 1
BUNGIE "TOP SECRET" ,only thing i can say is 7. 1
Burning Brains Plays CTF Dominion and Big Team Battle 3
Canadian Gamers For those of you who live up in The Great White North, eh? 71
Casual Halo 3 Looking for casual halo 3 players 1
Casual Players Club A Group Designed for Casual Gamers 150
Celtic Spartans Where The Irish can come to Play Halo and Socialise. Alcohal may or may not be involved ;) 1
Challenge Staff Group for Challenge Staff 13
chaos skilled league of players members wanted 5
Chaos And Confusion Team Games, Griffball, and Future Machinima 3
Chaos Gaming Clan 3
Chaos Gaming Official For inheritors and black ranks only 2
cheak out my steam page it makers fun of dater making fun of dater on the banner 1
CHIVE ON Keep Calm and Chive On 2
Chuck the Rainbow Walrus Hail our god Chuck in the name of Gay Pride 1
Circadian Rhythm Tournament and team information for team CR. 5
Clan =OD= Sure we are new but that dosnt mean we cant be the best clanso i want everyone to join so we can start going againts other clans here is the website where you can join it is free so dont worry 1
Clan AB Super awesome people 1
Clan Actanonverba We are a halo reach clan that is mostly big team 0
Clan Delta Force 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 4vs4 1
Clan Dread It be a clan! 0
Clan Fallen BTB Clan 1
Clan Lex il clan dei lex italiani 1
CLAN/MLGTeam Battles A group where Clans and MLG Teams can have friendly competitive Battles of whom in number 1. 2
Classic Custom League Classic maps, custom settings, leagues of fun. 2
Color Coded Gaming A Halo Community Clan 5
Coloured Bum spiders A group for casual play and fun conversation. The only requirement is that have worn the black widow emblem for at least one online game of Halo. 0
Comic Book Club! Where all of us nerds can discuss and argue about comics, movies, shows, and games involving our favorite heroes. 3
Commercial Project Helping me make a great commercial project for reach 3
Community Evolve Fun Casual Gaming Group. Weekly Tournaments, Live Streaming,Custom Game Lobbies, Clan Battles and just fun, 1
Community Files Forge Contest Forge Contest 5
Contest Commitee Contest Commitee 3
Coop Agreement Group Private Group focused on discussing FireStream and John Shortcut's Projects regarding the Affiliation of Various Halo-Based Sites. 7
Couples Game Night A group where couples can come together and play video games. 1
CPD Elite Clan 2
Crossfire Crossfire halo team 1
Cryptic A fun MLG Clan. Requirements are win over 50%, and over 1.5 K/D ratio. 1
CTF Kings Join if you want to do work in capture the flag 3
Custom Signatures A place to share all of your hard bbcode or photoshop work! 0
CWG a halo reach gaming community 1
D boys selln dope & shootn shyt 1
D.C. were a clan thats freindly yet competitive. 19
Dark Nebula Gaming A place to meet new people and hang out with friends and have some non competitive games of halo! 0
Dark Ninja Assassins TBA 0
DBD Community 1
DBD Death Before Dishonor a gaming community NOT a clan 1
Defiant Wolves A Halo Reach Clan 2
Delta One You get what you pay for. 4
DeluxGaming Crew A crew that loves gaming as much as the next group... I think that makes sense? 1
DemoniRawr yup 2
Determination We are looking for players for a Halo 4 team. We will be playing Reach till H4 comes out. If you need a team and want to try out hmu. 1
Development Testers & Developers of HT 3
Devils Descent All about Snipers and a little bit of SWAT 0
Devils Descents All about Snipers and a little bit of SWAT 1
DHG Die Hard gamers 0
Die Hard Gamers Fro those of you who are a member of DHG 1
Digital a group for /\/ / /\/ _/ 1
Dino alliance Dino's only 6
Diplomacy of The Sword A Multi game clan that isaccepting anybody over 14 and that has a mike as well as being mature message DowncastArc189 or newstart49 1
Dissension Gaming DGC is a community built for gamer's who have a passion for playing video games in a community with a fun, laid-back atmosphere involving a rank structure that allows members from all levels of gaming to advance in rank. Grow your Youtube and Twitch TV cha 3
Distortion Team for varied playlists. 1
DLC Dream Team For Faggots who suck dick 0
DmfD DmfD is a Halo Reach and now a Halo 4 clan. We enjoy having fun, and plain old competitive play on occasions. 1
DNA (deadnationarmy) dead nation army clan 3
DOJ clan Defenders of Justice clan. Lots of clan activity. Message Rookie 6207 on xbox for more info, or if you are interested. 0
domeshooters looking for the top snipers in halo reach. 50 sniper myself in h3 looking for good people to play with just for fun. 1
Dominion PRO Clan A professional Halo 4 dominion clan. Requirements - k/d of 1.50 or over, being able to communicate effectively., be as active as you can! 1
Door To Oblivion DTO is a competitive based Halo 4 clan that was founded in November of 2009. 1
Double Trouble We fight in teams of two and occasionaly three and four. Any higher and things get too chaotic and disfunctional. Message me at Chug Chumply and we'll see what happens from there. Read my bio by the way, gives useful information. 1
DPA A place to drink and be with friends and have some relaxing games of halo! w00t! 312
Dragon SlayerzZzZz Anyone who wants or does stat in any playlist 1
Drunk Gaming League Bunch of drunk people doing stupid shit in videogames. 3
DSB Romeo Platoon The official Romeo Platoon from the Dropshock Brigade. 3
DSB Uniform Dropshock Brigades Uniform Platoon. 4
dubz playing halo 1
earth defence force clan im recruiting people for my clan if you want to test your skill try beating me and some of my best men in a game of either swat or slayer! 1
earth defense force clan chat join or chat with the clanj 1
East Coast Gamers! Join here if you play on East Coast! 2
Eclipse We are a team based clan that specialise in slayer. Need a mic and a positive K/D. We have a pro team, and are always recruiting. Join for more. 1
edawd qeqwdsa 0
Eggs on Toast We like eggs... on toast 1
EKS grifball dedicated group looking for tournaments and worthy opponents 1
Elite Pride A group for all and any kind of elite! ELITES ONLY! 1
Ello Boys Fwends. 3
Envision of Gaming a gaming community based on halo 1
Eplison Eridani A group that likes to win and chill with friends and thatis also gaming cmmunity 1
EvilcorpGaming Both a casual and competitive community for people who just need someone to play with :) 6
Excalibur Clan Excalibur's group 1
ExG Elite xtreme Gamer 1
eXPCProsonHALO4 A group created for exPC pro gamers that made a transition to console gaming 1
FADED Halo 0
fair gaming Community for players that look to only have fun 1
FaiR Halo online Team FaiR play 1
Fancy's Vikings! The fanciest of all vikings! 3
Fast Furious Killers Clan dedicated to Halo 3 2
FbR eh 0
FC Test test 0
Federation clan Clan 1
FFA GODS The best hand picked FFA players on halotracker. Submit i will descide based on stats and my knoledge from others. 0
FFA Kings If what you play is FFA, you are in the right place 26
FGA Friendly Gamers Asociation. The place where halo gamers can have fun. 0
Final End A Halo 4 Group 2
FindAGame Come and find a game on Halo 1
Fire Team Orion Fire Team Orion of November Squad Redwatch 1
Firefight Friends For People That Love Firefight And Most Importantly Enjoy it 6
First Person Gamers A place to gather and play some games with gamers that have some skill 2
flasdflsjljsdlf lfasdlsadkj 1
Football A place to discuss Football. 1
For only Inheritors Join this group if your Inheritor if not don't bother. 1
Forerunners Halotracker Admins 2
Forge Café Forge Cafe no longer operates out of Halotracker. Visit for your forge needs. 208
Forge Café Tournaments What happens behind these doors, is not for your eyes to see. 5
Forge World Guides
View Forum
Guides in using Forge World for Halo: Reach 5
forgers Help create epic maps for you and your buddys to play in epic slayer maps 1
Forgot To Look Loading... 1
Forgotten Guardians a clan for players who just want have a good time and lots of fun. 1
Forsaken Rangers Clan members that are a member on here too. 1
Fortitude Halo:Reach Clan 1
Four Stable Hands Kings of clutch 1
Foursquare buy da pai for tu dolla 1
FPG For people who play this game often and like to win and have fun. 3
FR Halotracker Club The official group of French 1
French gamers To french people playing Halo! 5
friends my friends 1
Friends of HTR Safe place to talk about cross site collaboration 2
Frostbite Rage A mix of friends just playing to have a good time. 2
frosTeD flaKeS members only 1
FSU Fallen Spartains United 1
FullMetalJacket FMJ 2
Fun Forge Fridays! What your Forge Maps to become well known with the community? Look in here for more details 17
G-Team Halo 2
Game Day Studios A matchmaking/GB Clan 0
Game of the Month A game, franchise, or genre is featured every month, complete the challenges to earn points for awards! 16
GAMEOVER Try Again 4
Gamers Anonymous We are gamers and we do have a problem :[ 31
gaming insanity A group for true MLG gamers 1
Gangstas Just lookin for a place to play halo quietly. 1
GanjaGaming Hang out. Get blazed. Play Halo. Have a great time 2
General Join if your a General (Halo 3) 2
German3000 Für alle Deutschsprachigen Halo-Gamer, egal ob Schweizer, Deutscher oder Östereicher. 3
GFAT This is the Game for Armor Tournament 3
GFFT2 Staff Members for the second Game for Flames Tournament 1
gl35YKI you know it 1
GodMode We are better then 87% of the halo community y'all! 1
Gods Group of the best players in all of Halo 4 war games! 1
GoDz A Halo Clan 3
Godz Realm official page of godz realm clan halo reach 4
GR1F Grifball clan 1
Greg Pain he'll destroy us all, destroy us all,destroy us all 1
Grifaholics For folks who enjoy the fine art of creating mayhem with the hammer, sword, and bomb. 1
Grifball For anyone, and everyone who plays, enjoys, loves, hates, just likes the name of Grifball, and everything in between! 1
grifball addicts for people looking for fun and lots of kills and evrything you need to be better at grifball 3
grifball adicts A clan fit for everyone who enjoys playing grifball 2
Grifball Captain's Chat Our business 0
Grifball spawnkilling Well it explains itself 0
Grifballers People who play Grifball ALL THE TIME and are looking for a team! 1
Griffball Hammer Kings For those that love griffball you can play other playlists but If you love to play griffball and looking for other players that love griffball 0
Gu7zygrifball win 0
Guardians of sanghelios A halo reach all Sangheili Clan. We got 32 members and are undefeated. Contact Saver Moramee to join. 0
Gun Metal Anarchy no clans 0
H.G.F.L for tho's who like to play halo and chill 1
H4 Challenge Guide A group dedicated to helping each other doing the challenges. 16
H4 CTF For the best flag players only 7
H4 customz if you are looking to play cutsomz and play to win join! 1
H4 Heavies Looking for a team to play heavies with? Look o more! Join this group to play with good heavies players! 1
H4 SWAT A place for H4 SWAT players. No bk's please. :) 3
HALO 2 For those who played H2 back in tha dayz. 17
Halo 2 Revival Resurrecting Halo 2 and all it's glory 9
Halo 2 Vista Players For people looking to play Halo 2 Vista! 8
Halo 3 For those who keep H3 alive and play MLG Customs 7
Halo 3 - Social Looking for any Halo 3 players, prefereably social players who want to play casual :) 1
Halo 4 Discuss Halo 4. 46
Halo 4 - SR-130 Only SR-130 ( Halo 4 ) 1
halo 4 1v1 Haven v1.4 1v1's. 1
Halo 4 CTF Join if u are looking for other good players to play halo 4 ctf with. 1
halo 4 customs we play custom games all the time 1
Halo 4 Flood or Custom Want to play casual games?....or fight against the Flood?....Look no further. 1
Halo 4 LORD clan We are a clan for Halo 4, Reach and soon on to Halo 5, we are a mix of competitive and noncompetitive 0
Halo 4 players People who like to play halo 4 1
Halo 4 Slayer No more randoms! We play completively and to win. Must have a 1.25 k/d or above 3
Halo 4 Team SWAT For SWAT and bit of Spartan Ops. Mostly Swat though. 1
halo challenges a group where halo skill is tested by set challenges 7
Halo chats Chat about halo! 2
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Discuss Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. 42
Halo Customs Every night on the weekend we play custom games.If you like infection or just want to show off the new map you made then this group is for you. 2
Halo Dads support Group A group dedicated to Dads who love to game! 4
Halo Generator A place in forge world to do alot of fun things and fight the covi. 1
Halo Girls Girls Group to play together in Halo. 5
Halo Hawkeyes People who play halo all the time(Like me) 1
Halo Masters only for the long halo players 1
Halo Members VIP ONLY NO VUP 0
Halo NInjas Ninja Assassin 1
Halo Photography A group designed for skilled Halo screenshot artists in Halo, and also for those who are looking to improve in screenshot making. 0
Halo Pilot Group A group for those who just like to fly 3
Halo Rangers Helping people in Halo when ever they need it. 1
Halo Reach Awesome Share If you've done something completely Chuch Norris worthy in Reach, join this group. Members can specify what in their fileshare the others should download and see exactly what is so epic. 1
Halo Reach KingZ Looking for great players down for some REACH!! 1
halo reach MEXICO jugadores mexicanos 1
Halo Reach Sigs For all people who make sigs on Halo Reach, JOIN!! 11
Halo Sanctuary Game centers vs Game Centers play casual or compete 4
Halo Swat Player For players that play Swat in any of the Halo games. 1
Halo tracker rank up A vgroup dedicated to ranking up in all playlist 4
Halo Tryhards A Group for All you Halo Tryhards who play 2 win. 1
Halo Veterans Recruiting for halo 3, reach, and halo 4. Hit me up! 1
Halo Wheelmen Members 11
Halo Yeah Halo Podcast 2
Halo's Easter Eggs 0
Halo: Reach Team Snipers For lovers of Team Snipers on Halo Reach :) 1
Halo3 Palyers People that still plays H3 like a Bosss 1
Halo4 1v1 Tournament 2013 Play or be played! 1
halo4 pro forgers the best of forger 1
Halo4life Only for halo 4 or reach zombie clips and montages u would like on youtube 1
HaloArchAngel We are the angels of justice. Defending our nation beyond cove forces. We stand free, and courageous. We Will Fight Do The Death, No Allies, No Mercy... 1
Halocharts Remembered For the HC loyal, to gather, and share and maintain the good times had. 32
Haloholix awesome halo players 1
haloreachlol lol 1
Halotracker If you like to own people your at the right place 0
Halotracker Challenges A group to discuss, formulate, and regulate all HTR Challenges 8
HaloTracker Community Players FFA Friday nights Anniversary Maps or Custom Maps for fun (anniversary online matchmaking) time 7 pm - 12 pm East Central U.S. one slot private for hosts games. (more info will be in the group forum) 0
Halotracker Debate
View Forum
This is an open group for anyone who wishes to debate. If you're easily offended, I would stay out. 116
HaloTracker Game Night
View Forum
Official Group for HTR game nights 909
Halotracker Helpers People who help out Halotracker Staff by taking over several important jobs. 16
Halotracker Heroes Group for the Heroes to discuss any business or just to hang and chat. 0
Halotracker Live Streams Group
View Forum
The Official HTR Group for Current/Future Live Streamers. Stay Updated with Everything Stream Related at HTR! More Details Within 9
HaloTracker Machinema Group A Group dedicated to those participating in the HaloTracker Machinema 3
HaloTracker Minecraft Group We play Minecraft. That's it. 1
Halotracker Official 1v1 League
View Forum
This group will host the beta program for the 1v1/2v2 leagues here at 309
HaloTracker Racing League Live to Race, Race to Live 2
Halotracker Reviews A Group dedicated to the reviewers of HTR. 2
Halotracker Staff Halotracker Staff group! 14
Halotracker Team Ladder This is where the team will talk about when we should play, practice or what ever comes to mind. Lets have fun with this. 1
Halotracker Theme This is where we can make some ideas for the Updates for the theme. Something is better than nothing. 1
Halotracker Top 5 The Awesomeness of the Halotracker Top 5 is discussed here 6
Halotracker Tournament Team Official Group, for members of the Halotracker Tournament Team 3
HaloWarz League and Tournament Website 1
Harbingers of War Competetive skill based team. We do tournaments, customs, battles. Always looking for good players. We do PGL settings only. 1
Hate Enzu For those who BELIEB 3
havok very good clan in halo reach 3
Hazard Gaming Where Gaming is just so Hazardous 2
HC members A place for everyone from HC to hang out. 9
HC Strikers We are a fun halo group that just basically like having fun! 5
Head Hunter Halotracker Leaderboard Purifiers 16
HEAD HUNTERS we are a clan that play halo 4,halo reach ECT. contact Surge DNA pm me if wana join cheack my twitter acc 1
heavy metal marine corp a good can for a call of duty 1
Hell Hounds were a team and we role as a team. 1
Hell's Finest Troops If you are part of clan HFT please join here! If you are not and would like to join then well join here 1
Helljumper group Alpha Halo 4 clan 1
View Forum
Get personalized staff help 23
HG -Hyped Gaming For members of the Hyped-Gaming community. 1
holtzys friendly 1v1 the tournament official chat and forums 1
HR Clan Members A new gaming experience 1
HT gamebattles team This will be the main forums base for the team and we will use this to put down new recruits and get teams going and make times and dates for both pratices and challenges! 7
HTR Assassins Group dedicated to those who would use their blades and bare hands rather than bullets. 8
HTR Bowl Smokers We Smoke bowls and Play Halo 11
HTR Bronies Group for Bronies 1
HTR Campaign Challenges Campaign Challenges Discussion 7
HTR Campaign challenges tips and tactics
View Forum
need help with the campaign challenges? look no further. All the help you need is here! 61
HTR Charity Tournamnet Organisers A place for the few helping in the Charity Cup, to share detials and ideas. Without any paypal/skype details being public. 9
HTR Community Spotlight Group for determining Community Spotlight's 12
HTR Errors Forum for xorth to track site errors 1
HTR Fantasy Sports A group for HTR people who want to participate in or are looking for others to participate in Fantasy Sports Leagues and Events. 22
HTR Features Testing Core group of people who verify I didn't break anything =) 13
HTR Grifball HTR Grifball Team 13
HTR Mini Editing Contest This is where the judging will take place for the HTR Mini Editing Contest 7
HTR News News for the masses 4
HTR Racing League This is where all the racing comes alive. Do you have what it takes to be number 1 4
HTR Swat 100% Swat 5
HTR Swat Community For top notch SWAT players 3
HTR Travian Players A place for the Travian players amongst us to chat and ask questions or share strategy 0
HTR's FRENCH groupe français only !! 1
HTR's Halo 4 Game Night
View Forum
Official Group for HALOTRACKER's monthly game night 108
HTR's Respectable Gamers A group of players who like to have fun, say "good game!" and avoid trash talk. 9
Hyde Halo 4 clan 1
hye what ever I want 1
Hyped Gaming Online Hyped Gaming Online is a community on XBL. We are built on respect and strive to be the best. We play socially as well as competitively 0
Hyper Destruct We are a pro halo reach clan that is 33-0 we are in halo 4 too. 1
I <3 Customs! A group of folks who have been running customs since H2! 1
I Hate Reach If you hate Reach, you came to the Right place, vent your anger here! 3
I have no clue what I am talking about Idiot speak 0
I Stand for Life Gaming for a cause. 2
Idea Team Thinking of stuff 2
iEnema By Pope Appreciation Society The Man. The Hero. The Legend. 5
IGT In Game Tactics is a clan were we have battles with other clans each week and we always win, we make sure they have alot of members first so we dont destroy a small clan so they will cry, awww wanna cookie? 1
Il "Crea un mondo" In questo gruppo si possono riuniri tutti gli appassionati di mappe e di creazioni della fucina. Sono benvenuti tutti quelli che desiderano dare contributo creando e aiutando a fare nuove mappe in fucina. 1
Incubad's Sig HQ This is a place for me to help keep track of my clients and their wishes. If you want, you can make formal requests here. 1
Infamous We're back. 2
Inheritors Group for all Inheritors of Halo Reach =) 15
Init2WINit Players who are competitive , seeking others to play with 2
InnerCHAMPs clan No camping, No jumping, NO NOOBS! 1
INSiDiOuS TE4M The official INSiDiOuS TE4M. 4
Invasion Players Join this group if you play Invasion on a regular basis. 8
Invasion Pro Trying to achieve 50 In Invasion 1
Invasion pro team Hey everyone i'm looking for a team of 6 including myself to play invasion with you must have a 1.0, you must also know whatp control is for more info to join etc etc message me: INSiDiOuS BLuE 1
ISLB ISLB (I Shoot Lasers Bitch) is a South African based Halo 4 clan. While we believe 'local is lekker' we accept guys and girls from across the globe and enjoy a good laugh all round. 1
Italian Game Night Game Night Italiana!Partecipate e aiutateci a crescere. 1
J2H Gaming Clan 0
JeCrovNayPoc Winning 1
Join A Clan Join the Valkyries! 1
JTG SNIPERS This is a gaming clan all over, this is a special group for the best snipers we have to offer, 1
KAIZOKU CREW Playing to Win! 1
KEEP CALM & HUEHUEHUE Huehuehue, hue. 1
KEEP CALM & HUEHUEHUE. Hue! Huehuehue, hue. 1
KEN For those who just wanna have a good time, JOIN UP!! 1
Kentucky Gamer's Group to meet up with your fellow Kentucky Gamer's 1
Khaos Gaming Group of players who love creating total chaos in the games that they play. 1
Kill Without Mercy The KWM Clan 7
Killer Wolves Special Team We are the best of The killer wolves clan! In the special tem your spot is won not given! you have to play for it fight for it and defend it if you want to be in it! Onlythe best are in it! 1
Kings of Pain on HTR The Kings of Pain is a Halo 3/MW2 clan/club that was founded in December of 2008 by 3 friends, K0P Plague PRPapiVSJ and Pitch Black KOP. 35
Kiri Neko People who follow Kiri Neko on Facebook and Xbox Live and those who join game nights. 5
KLG PreSeason Team Qualifiers KLG Season 2 3
KMS kregsmarines 0
KN1GHT FORCE A group of mature and helpful Halo 4 players. 1
Knights Of Fun Times This a group for those who just want to have fun while gaming. :) 1
Knights of Light We are a friendly clan and we welcome everyone to play with us all are welcome to join as well 3
Know the fastest way to lose 50 pounds Obesity is one of the biggest and very common problems among several people especially among women and this problem make her to feel low and also have become the cause of low esteem. With their excess weight they get in trap of several other problems and t 1
KOTH Warriors Join if you wanna party up and play King of the Hill War games. 1
KPS gamers If you want to join the KPS clan, just send me a friend request on Xbox Live. My gamertag is KPS griffin. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Xbox. 2
KSI A big gaming community of people who want to have fun. 1
KSI Underground A fun clan of gamers that are friendly but competitive. Must be 13 or older to join. Join to find out more. 0
LAB Productions It's a clan. :P 2
Lady Spartans The sexiest Spartan II's around 4
Large Amounts of Hue huehuehuehue 4
Lassoe'rs Rank up quick and easy and tackle those pesky campaign challenges with buds 1
LB Boosters Helpers 5
LD Gamers A group of People who wanna own some noobs in LD 1
Leaderboard purifiers report all cheaters 2
LeftTriggerThis Group of Good players who like to have fun 1
Legacy of War Big team battle Night 1
Legendary Fallen Spartans A clan with people all over 1
Legendary HALO A place where Gamers that have at least beaten Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo Reach on Legendary can come hang and talk. If you have beaten Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo CEA on Legendary on both Solo and Coop than that better. 2
Legends If you do everything for you team you welcome! 2
legion imperial venus [Liv] 1
Legion of Kaotic Gamerz We don't play far , we make the chaos 1
Les Québekers Clan pour Québécois et fiers de l'être ! 3
Lets Roll This super fun group is strictly designed for matchmaking, group nights and crazy fun tournaments. This group will be focused on having fun, making amazingly fun halo memories and friends! 11
LGBT PRIDE Join my group if your down. 1
Living dead This is a group for people who love living dead and flood 1
living dead group we love living dead 1
Living Dead Players pro living dead players only 0
Living dead pro's Living dead playhouse 2
lll something lll need your name lll something lll 1
LOBO ARCTICO essa cla e permanente se qiser entra de boa 1
Local's Lair None will be granted access. 2
LODK Just a place for Discussing the Clan. Or if you would like to join. 1
Looking for a Swat Team Hey, r u looking for a Swat team, then u have come to the right place 2
Lords Of War 101st ODST Division To claim the Halo Universe as our own, we recruit all members to help us in our conquest, come and try to ascend to a God of War and Power 0
LOS REYES DE HALO MLG Somos los jefes 1
los xxx torneos 1
Lycan's Lounge Regulars only 6
Lynx Clan The "Lynx Clan" is a Halo reach clan.We play BTB,Invasion,Team snipers,Arena,Living Dead And mostly any other game type.To join you mjust be 14 or over and have a k/d of 1 and have a mic.Message Lynx Effects for more details."We will Lynx you up" 1
Major League Gaming A place for competitive players to play customs together and search in playlist. 0
marines made for odst lovers 1
Master Assassins Casual gamers and some competitive. 1
Masterminds The psycho-social, chemical, biological, electro-magnetic manipulation of human consciousness anti-virus. Love God, or there will be iron darts spit at you from the 4 corners of the Earth, God's watching you. 3
masters of the 4 Hey players i need people that are very active in halo 4 that play to win. im looking for people with a positive k/d ratio and that have a mic. however i dont want any squeakers so you must be 13 of older. my gamertag is Death Angel DCM. 1
Match ExG 1
Matchmaking Group for anyone looking for good people to play matchmaking with who doesnt have anyone on or doesnt know that much people 1
Maude and Sengirs playground A place where we can perform our super secret tasks :-P 0
MBTM Private Group For Those Involved in TA Movie Project 1
MCC Something evil! 2
Mega Brad For fans of the Halo Mega Bloks collectables AND the Xbox 360 Halo games! 19
Meldrum Group for Meldrum admirers to talk about their feelings, and of course, Meldrum. 3
Metals of Halo AU79, AG47, CU29, FE26 2
Methodical Empathy A clan that plays halo 4, were looking for people that have positive k/d if you want to join message Master Envore. 2
Mexican Legendz The best MEXICAN players can play and spend time with us fun and competitive 1
Midland Base Play Halo with friendly people! 0
Miku's Mind the Level's of Japan's Internet Await's you 2
Military Of Reach MOR Group 1
Military Veterans of HT If you were in the Military, be it Marine Corps, Army, Navy, ect. You're welcome here! Some sort of show of veteran status will be needed. But as a Veteran, you're word is your honor. 9
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition If you love Minecraft then this is the group for you. 6
Mister B Hate Club A group for those who are completely annoyed by Mister B 1
Misunderstood Headshot Competitive play welcomed, family men/women preferred. 2
Mizzy's Gamenights The Official Gamenights for the user: HTR Mizzy 1
MLG For those who play on MLG playlist, on Reach or on Halo 3 74
MLG 4s join if you are looking for people to play MLG with 1
MLG 50s ONLY MLG 50s Players 1
MLG and Extreme halo 4 For Halo 4 players who are good or think there good enough to compete where and when ever 4
MLG Customs Custom Games 0
MLG en Reach El que juegue para canar, unase! 1
MLG Friendly Scrims MLG Friendly Scrims 4
MLG FUN NIGHT every friday at 3 pm to 5 pm 3
MLG Pro For all the MLG pros out there! 0
MLG Scrims This group is designed to help people with MLG by doing 1v1s, practicing their strafe and run scrims with some pros and some not pros and its designed to make u better at playing MLG. I suggest this group to people who want to get better at MLG 27
modtools07 frenchy french 2012 1
Muhahaha OK 1
My club. Haha, you think I'm going to let YOU in? 0
my group All you need is to become certainly a member of Twitter, if you have an aim to expand your online presence. After profile creation you need to gain enough followers to have a real impact on World Wide Web. 1
mythbros we test everything.u just let i know wat to test. 2
Mythic clan Join the mythic clan to enjoy halo reach or halo 3 and other games 3
N.S.S National Slayer Society 1
N.W.A. Clan for Top Swat Players 1
N7 Gaming A group for anyone that wants to get together to play Mass Effect multiplayer. 6
National Grifball Association The official HTR home of the NGA! 24
National Grifball Association of Halotracker You play Grifball. You join. 4
Navcom Naval Command 5
need a halo 4 team people that want or have a team for H4 1
NeXuS shadow legion invite-only SWAT team 1
NFCT Halo clan to have fun but be competitive 1
NFL For people that just love talking about football!!!!!!! 3
Ninja Camp For all the guys who Ninja and for all the guys who wanna Ninja!!! 1
Ninja Chaos Welcome to Ninja Chaos. You need at least 1000 assassinations to join. Message Ninjadesolation if you want to join. Have fun! 2
Ninja clan Hey I started a ninja clan my gt is l Ninjay l 5
Ninja pros For all you ninja pros out there 1
Ninjas Have Ninja in your GT to join 1
NinjasMéx A Group for Mexican Ninjas. 0
NL swat swat 2
No-Slack a group were people wanna have fun but still win 1
Noble Recon Clan Leaders: TariqSTL & DyLiNcali 0
Noble's Finest clan 1
Non smoker plop 0
Nordic Fighters Clan 1
Northwest Gamers A group designed to unite gamers from the Northwestern United States. 0
Not one bullet more not one bullet less I have just started a group and I am looking for people that enjoy training in custom games and I am looking for people that like to play in tournaments (need good people) 1
NOVA We are NOVA 2
NRGY R-Strike Membre de la Team NRGY 2
OddBall KINGZ The ball is your only friend 2
ODST Core OSDT to the end 1
ODST Forum
View Forum
A place for fans of the Bungie hit game: ODST 25
Official AfterShock Productions Group A group of HARDCORE Halo Gamers that make youtube videos leaded by DogeggedCoast0 and Y0UR WiFi/SoS MajorBeast 1
Official H4 Events FUN/Serrious Events 1
OG Community 1
OG's reborn in 14 Showing sweaties who runs this game. 1
Ohio State a place where u can just have fun playing halo 1
Omg Online multiplayer gaming 1
One Epic Clan We're fricken epic! 1
ONE ONE SIX For I am Unashamed 1
OPG i am a Staff Sargent in OPG Lancer. i am hosting games and recuitment if u want to come join. u can either ne a guest or join as a member of OPG. I have more members of OPG there names are OPGxHADES and OPGxCronus. hope to see u at my games. good luck 1
OrdenMundial Contra todo el mundo. 1
Original Halo Player Pre-ordered every Halo game and had the highest level/rank in every Halo game. 1
Orion Platoon DSB Alpha Company Platoon 1
OSG OSG is a fun gaming community. We are currently housing many members and are looking to get more! Contact OSG LeGeNdArY or ChArLiExUnIcOrN for the invite! 1
Outcast Reborn Halo based community 2
Outright Gaming A mature gaming community/clan on xbox. We have squads for skilled gamers, activities for gamers just looking to have fun, and prized tourneys for everyone. 1
OVSM The Ovoneyan Supreme Military Clan Club 1
Paladins of Reclamation First and Official MLG Standard Sangheli Clan. 1
Pandemic Gaming Halo Reach casual gaming clan 1
People who Forge this is for talented creative map makers feel free to join 1
Phoenix of War Were a community, and we play Halo! 4
Phoenix's Group Description coming soon, I Think 2
Pick of the week
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Pillow Pants Possie A clan/team in building. we will be recognized Not only by our name but by our skill. 1
Pistol Squed Alfa We use the pistol because we're pri. 1
Play High Get high play halo. 2
Point and Shoot "Point and shoot, whether it be with a weapon or a camera!" A group for anyone interested in Halo photography. 2
pr0x we are pr0x. we are a halo reach based military based clan, we also have a elite branch of the clan. the elite branch are highly skilled players. pr0x . we play for fun and to have a good time but dont mess with our elite squad... 2
Pro clan 1
Pro Halo A group dedicated to kicking ass in halo and share those moments when we get a tripple kill with one shot of a sniper, no tests to join. 1
Project Caliber Clan Project Caliber [ProC] is a newly established 360 clan that is focused within the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo franchise. Although we are just starting as a community, our membership has had a presence in the CoD franchise since its beginnings. 1
Project Group No need to request to Join, you will only be invited 7
Psych0 Clan Top Percentage 1
PTC A Very Well Known Australian and New Zealand Halo Clan For Mainly BTB. 1
Quasar Just here to have fun. We'll play anything 3
R.I.P Halo 2 Gone But Never Forgotten 0
R.O.G.U.E A gamming communtiy built on respectin your fellow gammer 5
R.S.C Good players wanted 1
RA_Beater's Military based clan with three branches, also with a competitive team as clan and branch leaders 1
Radioactive Gaming Small group that loves running Matchmaking and has great teamwork and very friendly as well!! 0
Rated Mature We have fun, without the douchbaggery. Though if the other team starts it, we'll finish it. 1
Reach kids think there the best. dis on reach nerds lol. 1
Reach Lords For all halo reach players. Priority to BTB, team slayer, double team and living dead. 0
Reach Matchmaking A place to play some matchmaking and meet new people. 3
reach team halo 1
Reach Team Delta A friendly gaming community for anybody to join and play. 3
Reach's Designated Drivers I just wanna know who likes to drive, that is all. 15
React Looking for competitive people with mics and call out. 1
Ready 4 War R4W 0
Ready4War Were Awesome 2
Real Life Halo Show your home made Halo projects Here! 3
Real Power clan one of the best clans on reach 0
Reapers Of Destruction Game nights 1
Red Army dark legion of power we wil win 2
Red Cage's Basement If you posess the key, you may enter. Otherwise, STAY OUT! 1
Red Regrets Halo Reach Clan 0
Red Thunder Red team 1
Renegade A social, competitive, and relaxed clan. recruiting hit SirFox357 up! 2
RETARDICAL We are one we are together we fight not being alone we are RETARDICAl 1
RG Gamers Reloaded Halo Pro Team. 1 Competitive Ricochet 2
Rising Phoenix we are a reach clan 1
RISO Going HAM 1
Rival U Hate Halo Reach team 1
Rockin's secrect Lair This is where Rockin plans his doings 1
Rodzilla's Email Group Adult Email Group 11
Rogue Spartans 4 divisions Special ops Military Homland security and Recon 1
Rose City Saints For Tinky! 1
Rouge Avengers my halo clan please join 1
rrAppIdd Frenzy Every saturday LIGITSILVERWASP willl be hosting crazy fun custom games that will help wjth trakning and their a blast! 1
RSL Empire Official Group for RSL Empire and its affiliates 5
Rumble Pit friends Playin the pit all day 0
S T FI Y T R U E Halo/GoW/CoD Team 1
Sanc 1v1s My personal 1v1 league you can join. But far better. 2
Scythain Knights Clan 1
sdfsd sfse 0
Seekers of Vengeance A Halo:Reach clan. 1
Semi ProZ Where a young group. Must be 10 - 15 years old. Message Corrupted X sP for more info and if you wanna join. 1
Sengir's logo and image testing group For testing logos and images 1
SFC Spartan Fight Club clan for gamers who play competitively and mostly to have a good time. we are always recruiting and looking for new members. if your interested in joining or have any questions hit me up. 8
sforty is randy"swat Team" im not sure who he is 1
Shadow Clan Looking for other clan to battle on Halo Reach 1
Shadows of the Forsaken We're a military styled clan, we're very competitive and are working our way to the top. 1
SIA Halo Reach Gameing Community 1
Sidehard HaloTracker's Group 6
Signature Creators
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Request your Sig here! 170
Signatures Sharing A place to share your work! 0
Skull Guard Skull Guard is a Casual and competitive gaming clan. 4
slayers 2009- inf... 1
SmyfDesign Really Cool Stuff 3
SN34K ATT4CK Casual and competitive group established by MAX1MUM D3ATH 1
Snipemare o0o fanz Join if you love Snipemare o0o 0
Snipers For those who love sniping! 46
SnipersBrah Sniper Gods Only 4
Snipz fun 1
SOF OMEGA H A Clan of worhyness 1
SOHMCRO Sons Of Halo Mongoos Club Reach Originals. 1
Sorge Fan Club Sorge fans welcome 4
Space KiLL-BR "Muitos Falam... Poucos Conseguem..." 1
Spartan Kittens join the kittens today 6
Spartan Officers Join if you think your tough enough to be a an Officer in the Military! We don't need boys, we need men in the battlefield! 6
Spec Opps Team A team for the people who aren,t the best at halo but can get a decent job done. Minimum requirments: at least Cammander, at least 7000 kills and an any spree of 100 6
Spec-Ops The squad started in halo 3 and now moved to halo reach and once halo 4 comes we be on that too we been a squad for about 2 years on reach and have close to 50 squad members ... We have two branches in our squad recon and spec-ops. 1
Special Provision Gaming A group of elite gamers who love to win. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. ^_^ 1
Spice Girls Fan Club For those of us that will never forget. 1
Spice Girls Fan Club (Not Jennie) Spicey girls msg to join BUT NOT JENNIE 1
Spoon Unit Talking trash and making cash 2
Squad Slayers Custom Squad Slayer games. Get your teams together and lets keep it alive. 4
SSS A clan who plays competivly and also serioulsy message me if you wish to join. We play custom games have clan battles and love to forge looking for new members so join today 1
Stelle Nere Black Stars 0
Stop Bullying Worldwide We hate bullying you can talk to us 2
STUMBLINGHOOD practice club for people with mike 1
Sudden Death WE LOVE BTB 4
Sun Tzu Clan Gamer Clan 1
Sunbursts If you are a pro laser shooter, you should be here! 4
supa star gang action heroes 1
Super Heart Squad Hearts Only 2
Swat We play swat, snipers, 1
swat anyone looking for people to play swat with :) 1
Swat Players For those who want to rank up in Swat, help rank up in Swat, or just play Swat 22
swat team join this group if you want your own swat team of 4 1
SWAT Warhawks A clan for the casual gamer, no ranks, no initiation, just bear the colors and have fun! We mostly do SWAT in MM, but also help with achievements, Campaign, Firefight, and Forge. Dive on in! 6
Swat's secret lab NO ENTRY 1
SYNERGY we are mlg 1
Synthetic Nova Group of Halo fans who play because its always fun to be winners. 1
T-Bag Join if you like to t-bag people, everyone tbags :) 7
Tactical Gaming (TG) Looking for a clan/community? was created in Nov 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe, to share interests in teamwork and tactics. Join our 2200+ members at 4
TAG A Group Based On Halo 4 And The Strives To Value The Best Competitive Games. 1
Talk Poo For people who want to say what they thinks because this is face of win 2
Task Force 25 (TF25) A new cross platform cross game clan. 1
TBN Droppin on you since 2010 7
TDC TDC Gaming 2
TDDFSZZ Thee Dueling Dragons Fighting in The Suns of Zin Zahdang 0
Team For my team 1
Team AVENGER Gaming Electronic gaming team (halo, battlefield, COD) 1
Team Back 2 Basics Halo MLG Team. with Captains TransgresS Panic 0
Team Battles If ur looking for a team battle join 1
Team Forerunner Its like a new group for Halo 4. 1
Team Grenade If you can't beat 'em frag 'em! 1
Team Objective Players For friends that wreck in objective 2
Team Onyx Personnal group which gether all membre from the Team Onyx. 0
Team Onyx(SWAT) A pro Team SWAT team only, if your good at SWAT and wanna join, Contact SOFx H4VOC. 0
team shockwave great clan 2
Team Slayer Teams of 4. Come play slyer 1
TeAm StF We Don't need a Description. 2
Team Swat Join if u love Swat and wanna get the best out of ur Swat game. This a place to meet ppl who love swat, work together, tlk tactic and strategies and become better at swat. 3
Team Uprising We are a competitive clan looking for players on H4 of course. so just message me on XBL @ SKrafe junior to join -THANKS- 1
Team Viva Piñata A team 3
Team XIled International Come play and hang out with us. All ages welcome. 1
TeamKnockOut for tko members only 1
TEAMWORK WINS GAMES! This is for players with good skill that aim to transition into a good team with chemistry and communication. Join to meet possible future teamates or just wanting to get a better understanding on how you can further your gameplay to achieve higher win %. 1
TEDK clan R u interested in joining a fun and mature gaming community then u have come to the right place 0
Teletubbie REACH CLAN Good Friends 1
Teorias Conspirativas we play BTB all day :) 1
Test Test 0
Texas Gamers A place for gamers all across the Lone Star State 2
TFT Wolf Clan own any clan 1
TGD Community 1
The 251st We're an awesome gaming community / clan. Our website is 7
The 75th ODST Gaming Community: We set up clan battles for your clan and team, we aren't like gamebattles we interview your team rate it on skill and match it with a clan that is best suited for you. 1
The Arena My vision is that one day this group will one day house many keen arena players. 1
THE ARENA DIVISION Players from ``The ARENA`` playlist in HALO: Reach 5
The Art of Gaming A group for TAG gaming community. Check out for info. 3
The Bad Company Squad A Elite Halo Squad, main gametypes being Grifball, Living Dead & Snipers 1
The Ball Beaters The Official HTR Competitive Grifball Team 9
The Blast We are Fire team Blast 1
The BreakFast Club Good team players kick back JOKE ( have a good time) and SHOOT PEOPLE IN THE FACE!! 1
the brink send me a friend request we do clan battles 1v1 2v2 3v3 etc but we are undefeated gamertag combatsolid2 1
The Derp Squad Just some good 'ole boys derping & a welcome respite to anyone whom enjoys just derping around. We are everywhere...Illuminati Status ;) 11
The Dominion Group List to keep track of players. 6
The Dutch Oven It's so hot in here we be getting sweaty. 0
The Essential Dark Knights clan join our clan for awesome fun 1
the evil mal 1
The Fallen A clan on halo reach if you would like to join contact my GT TF Helljumper 1
The Flirt-Tank Do you have to say something sexist or pick up chicks on the site? Or maybe your just a troll that wants to stir up trouble, either way, this group is designed to isolate you! 2
The Forerunners For those of us who may spend more time in Forge than we do in Multiplayer. 8
The Forerunners/HaloMakers You are a Descendant of an Ancient Race, Reclaim what is your Birthright by joining. Halo is but one of many instruments within this Galaxy, and you are more than just a tool. Together we share our knowledge, for we are Forerunner. 6
The Forgotten Anyone can join. Even forgotten MLG pros. 1
THE FORGOTTEN ARMADA we are a community clan were we train together work together and have fun together 1
The Forgotten Pros Anyone can join. Even forgotten MLG pros. 0
The Greater Spartan Repiblic Military Clan 1
The Halo Jets The Halo Jets Clan, 1
The Halo Legends A fun society, who like to game, relax and above all have fun 1
the hang out spot come hang out talk about what ever you like this the hang out spot 1
The Hayes Are you part of the family? 1
The High Council (THC) We are a new fun based clan looking for new members 1
the killer wolves message rpg1998(leader) or dannyt1996 or mercenario7cero(vice leaders) if you would like to join.then we will get u into uniform;D. 5
The Lagion Army We are Legion. We fight as One 0
The LASO Helpers we help you get the coolest emblem in halo 4 the laso emblem 1
The Legion Halo Reach Clan 1
The Legion Army We are Legion. We fight as One 2
The Men of Sparta Chapter Based clan 1
The Metal You can't kill The Metal, The Metal will live on! 7
The Ministry of Lost Souls People who get lost in gaming 2
The Mombassa Clan A kewl clan callled the Mombassa clan(duh). 1
The Night Hawks Oraganization Military 1
The Nobles The Nobles is a fierce clan always growing, bound by blood and friendship, you mess with one of us, we all come for you........ 0
The Official HTR Racing League The official Halotracker racing group. Join up for access to tournaments with some interesting prizes 1
The Official HTR tournament Organisers This group is the official group for tournament hosting. If you wish to host a tournament, this is where you must come for approval 51
The Pinq Mafia Clan of friends that's been around since the early Halo 2 days. 1
The Pokemon Club The group for any and all things Pokemon! 8
The Praetors We are the Praetors, we are justice. 2
The Real Black Stark clan 1
The Se7en Gaming Community 1
The SicKnesS Gaming is our addiction! 2
The Spartans of the Rose Hopeful young clan that intends on growing to strong power 0
The Spawn Killers This is a group of a bunch of Grifball Spawn killers. To have fun and get lots of kills we SPAWN KILL!!! 1
The Squad Fierce, Deadly, Coordinated. 1
The SWAT Players For everyone who LOVES SWAT! 37
The Sweaty Tryhards Don't let the name fool you. We're just a group of chill gamers looking for a good time. 1
The White Hand three Ks a day keep the minoritiesn 0
TheHaloProject This group is dedicated to InfusionMedia's, TheHaloProject. 1
TheLegendaryAssassin in this to kill & take what ours 1
TheRealForums The Official Group Of!! 1
TheWolfPack We run as a pack 1
THGI Try Hard Gaming International members only 1
thunder swat QUICK.SMART.STRONG 1
Times Two At Least a Two K/D 1
Titanfallers For the old Halo fans that have moved on to the next generation. Post Titanfall news, tips, or hilarious moments here. 1
Tmca halo clan 1
TNX A halo reach clan tht plays team slayer, funcustom games, and custom btb clanbattles 1
TO ALL MY NEW YORK GAMERS Lets get it rocking 1
Too Tactical MLG Team 1
Trident Forces A fun and awesome group of people trying to make friends have fun and improve eachothers game. 1
TriedHards Sukkit 1
Trust eSport 1
TryHards A place to meet other tryhards on H4. Bring your tryhard panties boys. 1
twisted gamer shooters we love shooters 1
UEG A place for casual and competitive UEG members. 0
UnBiased Gaming A multi Game Clan. (Halo, BF3, CoD) 0
UnderstoodHeadshot Competitive play welcomed, family men/women preferred. 0
Unholy Divinity We will be watching... 3
UNION "E pluribus unum." 6
United Gamers of America We compete for fun and competitively 1
United Nation of Spartan Republic UNSR is a Halo 4 clan that is a military & legion related clan with members that have only loyal, respect, and discipline. Those three things and more are required to join UNSR. To join, XBL one of our Recruitment Officer which is listed on our website or 1
UNSC Operators This is a group for the UNSCs newest Operators we exsept all Operators 1
UST A team group 1
Utah Gamers A group designed to unite UTAH Gamers 0
V.w.S Clan Victorious without sacrifice is a large gaming community which has been very successful for this last year. We have accomplished great things. VwS has also smacked every clan we have ever face in battle. -VwS one focus one future -together we all succeed 4
Vault Hunters A Sanctuary for Vault Hunters 5
vBlite Fan Club A fan club of vBlite 3
VCG VCG Memebers 5
Vek's Special Cave Go ahead, come inside. Vek won't hurt you, you are safe with him. 1
Video Dept A place to discuss ideas for Halotracker videos 4
ViictrX Team of 4-8 for victory motivated gamers (Reach or H4) 1
VNR Team VNR 0
VO2 a clan i started in halo 2 1
Voltage A clan who play's big team battle but mostly mlg and is 21-0 1
w.u a group of pros 1
[email protected]^ we are clan that just wants 2 enjoy a awesome game :) It's a perfect clan if you just want 2 mess around but still have the opportunity 2 play clan matches :) 0
War Movie Group A group for fans of War movies. 12
WAS We are Snipers, or "WAS" is a group based on having a good time(By winning!) we're super competitive and play gametypes including, BTB, Multi-team, super slayer and many more. 3
We <3 FireFight We love firefight whether it be for competitive or casual reasons... pure enjoyment or commendations... alone in score attack or in a team in FF Arcade... WE LOVE FIREFIGHT!!! 30
We <3 Objective A group dedicated to die hard Objective players. 1
We Are Halo Play Together, Win Together, Laugh Together, We Are a Community.We Are Halo. 1
We Run HT Welcome to anybody who plays halo reach and knows how to dump on kids! 1
Welcome Spree welcoming all who welcome 2
WEPGAD A group that plays for the fun of it weather it's casually or competitively. 0
Wheelmen People who love to drive and get wheelmen 12
whiskey wish to join then send the team leaders a message 1
wils the master streaming live footage mostly of halo wars,halo 3, halo reach, and maybe some cod game 1
WinterSolaceLegacy Fast.Fun.Free 1
wolf clan wolfs for life 1
Wolf Pack Home of the Wolf Pack, must be invited to join! 5
Wolfgang MLG Clan 1
Wolves of War A very compitive Reach clan where we work hard and play harder!!! 2
WTFrag what the frag a group of pwning on all HALO'S 1
X700 Team Team Swat Players 5
Xenon Wake MLG clan set for skill and teamwork as well as friends and competition 1
xFactor Gaming Community We are a community based group whose goal is to have fun 1
XiT Woundz We are a remake of the original XiT Woundz, so we are kinda like the remix of it. 1
Xorth and Highsounds Ego Stroking Group Come here to tell Xorth and Highsound how great they are! 1
Xorths Secret Lab I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Don't request to join this group unless I asked you to 3
XtC Team 1
XxThe NephilimxX Halo 4 Clan Official HaloTracker Group 1
yolo swag$$$$$$ 2
ZARE Clan Please join. 1
ZIA New Mexico Gamers 4
Zombie Hunter's Solo amistad y lealtad, cazadores de zombies hasta el final, siempre preparados para el apocalipsis zombie. XD ajaja 1
Zulu Platoon Members of Bravo Company, in the Dropshock Brigade 1