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Kings of Pain on HTR
Created by: EgonSpenglerPHD

Kings of Pain is an International group started in December of 2007 by K0P Plague and two of my closest friends KOP Pitch Black & PRPapiVSJ. We started as a Halo 3 Clan, but have since expanded, playing other FPSers as well. BF3 is our introduction to Battlefield. We wish we had jumped in sooner!

K0P is not a group of run and gun, lone wolves, we are a bunch of fun people who like to play in a team based environment. There is no skill level requirements to sign up, we basically just make sure that personalities meld between our members. If you are a "win at all costs" sort of player, we may not be for you. We like to win, but we like to enjoy playing with friends and doing our best as a team more.
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