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Head Hunter
Created by: Jennie

Head Hunter's Front Page:

This is the official group for HaloTracker's leaderboard team. We remove cheaters and boosters from both
the Halo: Reach and Halo 4 leaderboards, because only legitimate players deserve to be in the spotlight.

We have a concrete method of banning, and several policies that we all follow to the fullest. We are a
well-organized team, who correct each other's mistakes, and provide aid to all who require it. Our motto
is "every player is innocent until proven guilty."

Once you have been banned, that ban is final. Don't commit the crime if you can't do the time. Things that
will have you removed from our leaderboards include, but are not limited to: boosting, modding, and
manipulating matchmaking connections.

If you have been banned, and are unsure why, you are more than welcome to send B a
Private Message; and he will get back to you as soon as he possibly can. Only send B a PM. DO NOT harass any other mods or admins about your ban, and be patient, as he gets many PMs each day.

*PLEASE NOTE* If you PM B in regards to a ban, be polite.
Any, and all PMs he finds offensive will be ignored.

*PLEASE NOTE* Arena bans are being handed out as of Season 10,
and will be continued to be handed out as long as there are "Iron Boosters" and people playing with them
to obtain a percentage that they have not earned in a legitimate manor. We have a strict policy for these types of bans.

*PLEASE NOTE* Anyone who quits excessively to protect their K/D, or any other stats
will receive a ban.

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