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Glitch have u ever seen it b4?
By Liar

Glitch have u ever seen it b4?

I was playing Premium Battle in Boardwalk against a party full with high ranks and saw this guy moving quite interesting, check for urself


Lag? I dunno

It's lag, I've been in games where it's happened before. It's just the player model not reacting properly, no shenanigans  here.

Go on... Click my buttons!
Horrible lag + even worse packet loss = video.

Verrückter Wütend Schakal - My life, your fate, the ultimate.. Destiny.

Title revision: Glitch, have you ever seen this before?*

Haha. And no, never seen that. Did he look like that while you were playing the actual game? Or was it just like that in Theater?

I want that to happen to me. It's so cool!

I've gone missing. If you've found me... lets play Team Snipes.

It was like that in-game, i saw him floating and i thought he was modding but after watching the gameplay in theater i guess it was just a glitch, weird stuff anyway
ohh that's the evade glitch my friends died from evading and they lose their weapons.

Lag? I dunno

Type in Stone Angel Halo, u'll see it, its an actual glitch

Horrible lag + even worse packet loss = video.

Lag, it is nothing but lag.

Glitch is forge, Lag in MM. Dare u to get a perfection with that