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Find God II
By wade

The epic battle between Heaven and Hell has resumed, and this time Earth is right in the middle of it. Out of all my old Halo Reach forge creations, the first Find God was my favorite.

That being said, I was never able to make it as truly epic as I wanted to in Reach. I am a fan of Halo 4's Forge, but the limitations of Ravine, Impact, and Erosion could never allow me to make any meaningful improvements on the Find God concept. When I first downloaded Forge Island I wasn't expecting much from it either. But after investigating the terrain, and discovering how high the ceiling was (along with a few other features) I realized that it was absolutely perfect for a Find God "remake."

The goal of Find God II is to take 3 very different worlds and make them all work together as integral parts of a complete game experience. I didn't want to rely on a custom game type. So I spent a massive amount of time fitting the physical parameters of the world to the objectives in the different game types. The first game type that I had in mind while designing the map was Dominion. Dominion is probably the best game to play if you want to have all three regions of the map be fully integrated and competitive environments.

If you aren't a huge fan of Dominion, don't worry, I wasn't either. When I have played dominion in matchmaking, or in custom games, I feel like it is just a bunch of people running straight for the nearest base terminal. Yes you score points for holding the bases, but I think it makes dominion much better if you aren't just holding the bases for points, but also to gain a real tactical advantage.

For Find God II's dominion there is one base terminal in each realm. There is a base terminal on the central rock of Hell, a base terminal on the altar in the Church on Earth, and there is a third terminal on the central disc in Heaven. The initial spawns are located around the edge of the Earth, however, all of the re-spawn points are in Hell. (when you kill someone you are literally sending them to Hell)

One of the first questions I get when testing this map is, "why don't we just stay in hell and fight for this terminal?" Well that is exactly the point. If you let your immediate greed overtake you, and only go for the first terminal you see, then you might be able to reign in Hell for a while. However, the Church up above not only holds another terminal, but it also houses the gateway to Heaven... In the end your greed will not be rewarded and you will be left battling a never ending onslaught of the damned.

Having all of the re-spawn points located in Hell is a big key to creating a unique experience for all of the objective games. The three levels act like an inverted funnel. There is one tele-sender node out of Hell, but there are six receiver nodes on Earth. Next there is one sender node in the Church on Earth, but it has four receiver nodes in Heaven. In both of the supernatural realms players have increased speed and damage resistance. (To different degrees because Demons are flawed and weaker than Angels, and also because the different settings work best with each environment) The increased Demon traits are quite enough to make any attempt at spawn or tele camping in hell effectively impossible.

By far the most exciting transportation method between worlds is the great leap from Heaven to Earth. The free fall lasts for twelve seconds and the fallcauses absolutely no damage. However, since players will often want to fall as close to the Church as possible, I wanted to create a certain degree of challenge to the close landing. Due to the 45 degree angle of the Church roof, if you hit it you will shoot out thousands of feet out into the ocean. To add another extra challenge the tower on top of the Church roof holds a sniper rifle and a spartan laser. If you want to be a real risk taker you can go for them.