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Premium Forged Maps -Liquid Space
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Liquid Space
By wade

Liquid Space is a symmetrical team objective map. It also plays very well as an infinity slayer map, oddball map, or even as a flood map. The element that I spent the most time on, and eventually built the rest of the map around is the "Liquid Space" gravity pool.

It is comprised of 12 10x10 gravity volumes and a couple overlapping trait zones. The end result is a 20x10 free standing gravity pool that you cannot fall out of. The pool area alone is a great fun for lots of mini games, but I wanted to build a full team objective map around it.

Even though the map has a very unusual central element, it is surprisingly straightforward and simple to understand. The clips in the video above are all from one 4v4 test game (there have been many). I used a game where a lot of the players were playing the map for the first time. As you can see they intuitively pick up on what to do quite quickly.

I worked very hard on making every room in each base as dynamic as possible. The 2 floor central control rooms have created some really amazing conflicts during my time testing out the map. Every room has multiple entrances and exits that have been tweaked and re-tweaked in order to create the absolute best game flow possible. Thanks so much for checking it out! I hope everyone will enjoy it!