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Premium Forged Maps -Chaos Theory
Score: +2 - 3/1
II Amorphis II noble klassic Timbouton just woods
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Chaos Theory
By jordgrah

completely symmetrical medium sized map.

Ideal for 4v4 or even 2v2 Team slayer/ Swat.

Can easily be edited to include king of the hill, Oddball, Capture the Flag and Extraction.

Close quarters as well an arena style room bottom middle and long range sight lines across map for BR/DMR battles.

a small glass wall separates players in the middle. there are several ways to get to each side, some are quicker than others.

Two snipers spawn on either side of the map in sniper towers that are facing directly across from each other. In other words most games will start with members of each team rushing snipe and trying to kill the opposing sniper.
- Shotgun spawns bottom middle.
- Sticky Detonator top middle.
- two sets of pulse grenades spawn bottom at opposite ends.

Built for competitive play :)

I <3 Halo

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