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By Wraith2098

Map Name:Crucifix
Author Gamertag: Wraith2098
Author: Wraith2098
Canvas Map: ravine

Description: A small to mid scale 4-12(multi team) player symmetrical map with a four way central structure bearing the brunt of the battle.

Other Notes:
Initial Ordnance:
(1)Rocket Launcher
(2)Sniper Rifles
(4)Plasma Grenades

Random Ordnance:
Gold/Green side - Needler, Saw(sticky det on Gold), Scattershot, Concussion Rifle

Supports Vehicles: No

Power Ups on map: N
Armor Abilities on map: N

Budget Used: 7880

Special thanks to all the testers who did an amazing job in giving me feedback and advice!

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