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Premium Forged Maps -Upper Deck 1.2
Score: +3 - 3/0
HpG Inkcap Lchr Dawg 01 TwinDestruction
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Upper Deck 1.2
By cap2dazero

its semetrical whats red is also blue

just like the old upper deck but new halls and tunnel bottem mid

2 snipers
1 sticky detonator
2 sets of plasma
4 random drops
2 ar/suppresser/stormrifles
2needle/ saw /nades
1 set pulse

ctf is very fun on it play anything from infinity slayer to agl mlg whatever you like just ffa spawns may need update i hope you enjoy the new upper deck as much as the old

Image Gallery
  • mid bridge

  • red hall

  • flag corner snipe view

  • red hall lift

  • initial

  • bottem mid

  • red hall view 2