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Premium Forged Maps -Shuffleboard
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By TurbTastic



This is my new minigame called Shuffleboard (map & gametype). It is based on the game where you slide pucks on a long table with sand on it that allows the pucks to slide gradually. In my game I used Warthogs as the pucks (possible with Multi-Team Ricochet). Initially I wanted to have each team competing for points on the same side so people could try to knock the other teams pucks off the board, but it's impossible to get the scoring to work right for that so I had to separate teams on 2 boards. Each team will start with 8 Warthogs on their side, and they want the Warthogs to land in the scoring positions. The driver is ejected from the warthog and teleported back to the spawn when they reach the Dominion Base Shield, so the speed of the warthog at the time you go through the shield determines how far it will slide. Gravity volumes are strategically placed to allow the Warthogs to slide. Red is worth 3, Orange is worth 2, Green is worth 1, and this is labeled in game by dice. The spawn is setup so that you can look through the floor to see where your warthog ends up, and you can see how many points each team is going to get. The center of the Warthog determines which zone it is in, and credit is given to each team at the end of each 1 minute round. The team with the most points at the end of 6 rounds wins the game. Each player has enough time to send about 3 warthogs each round, so it shouldn't matter if teams are slightly uneven as long as each team has at least 3 players. To ensure that the Warthogs are still at the end of the round there is something that will spawn when there is 7 seconds left and stop new warthogs from entering.

Game this is based on.

Overview of map.

Players enter Warthogs above the board. Layout is designed so you can see where your Warthog ends up.

Drive at about 75% speed when you hit the shield.

After going through the shield you are ejected and teleported back to the spawn where you can make additional attempts if more Warthogs are available.

3 points for Red. 2 points for Orange. 1 point for Green. 6 points total here.

If you go too fast your Warthog will fall off the end and earn no points.

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