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Premium Forged Maps -Sword Runner [Ball]
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Sword Runner [Ball]
By Charles Stoot

"This is truly a mini game you have to see to believe." weekly site wrap up.

Have you ever missed being able to send people through floors flawlessly, like Floor master Back in reach, well now you can with this new mini game made by Charles Stoot.


For those of you who don't know the concept of Floor Master or forget how to play, here is a quick recap. One player below was the Floor Master, once he went under a block, that block would disappear for some time. If you fell through a hole you would plummet to your demise. To win the game as a player above, you needed to keep yourself from falling down to the Floor Master below for the entire round. This game was one life and you had to end the game each round, due there being only one floor master on blue team.

In this version, same idea, the only difference are that, there are two directions to go, it's more than one life, and there is more than one floor master. Plus there is an object involved.

Specifications of Teams

1. If you spawn with the grid above you; you are the Floor Runners.

Objective: Safely bring back an artifact from the other end of the court to the end zone. In this case the artifact is an Oddball.

Notes: The green blocks with the green beam in the middle of the court is a safe zone. Watch out for the beams for they will delete the floors your standing on. The Gold beams on the sides are kill boundaries.

Scoring: 2 points for walking into the end zone.
1 point for throwing it into the end zone.

2. If you spawn and die right off the back.; you are the Floor Masters.

Objective: Stop the artifact from reaching the end zone, you need to create gaps in the floor to make the players below die.

Notes: The Gold beam on the far end of the court is a soft kill boundary.

"Working as a team by passing the ball, and communicating as Floor Masters will ensure that you will have a good chance of winning."

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