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By Charles Stoot

Co-Forged by The 0micron.

Have you ever wanted to play Cops & Robbers with a working Jail, like in real life, well now you can with this new creative mini game made by Charles Stoot.


This mill was used during a global war as a military supply base. They would secretly capture scientists and force them to design weaponry. Years after the war, the facility was left desolate. Legend has it that prisoners are still kept there and forced to work, but you know for a fact that is no legend.


So for those of you who don’t know a typical US justice system; when one breaks out of jail, if caught, the sentence is more time spent in jail, or death. History has shown two things, first, if a prisoner gets away with escaping he/she has been known to live normal lives, and second with the right people, you can escape the most highly secured jails. This Mini game does just that.

Specifications of Teams

1. With the load-out facing down, looking at hogs; you are the Guards. (Warthog)

Objective: Trying to hunt down the mongooses and preventing them from prying their friends out of jail.

Notes: Use the hogs to slam into the mongooses thus sending them back to jail. (The mongooses are the scoring for the jail. So, if you see one, it may be beneficial that you just drive into it).

Scoring: The scoring on your team can help you determine how many prisoners are still out of jail. For example, if your team's score says 7,then there are 3 prisoners left on the field. If it says 6, then you have 4 prisoners left on the field. For each mongoose that you catch, it adds one point to your team.

2. If you spawn with any load-out,looking at the map, you are the prisoners. (Mongoose)

Objective: To stay out of Jail long enough to be free for life. When you spawn you will notice four delivery points on the map. When a delivery point disappears, an escort will appear opening a key and an explosion will occur. You then drive into this key and your friends that were recently captured will be set free.

Notes: These escorts, as stated above, have a tendency not to show up with a party size bigger than ten. (that’s Ricochet) When a mongoose leaves the jail it sub tracts a point from the enemy team so the game will continue.

Scoring: Each time your team breaks out of jail you get 2 points; each key that spawns includes the ability to get 2 points. The order of the key spawns is as followed Purple, Green, Gold, and Cyan. At the end of a round, the score depends on how many prisoners are still on the field.

The game ends when either every prisoner is in the jail,or the prisoners escape at the end of each round.

Image Gallery
  • Note: When you activate a key, the gate opens in Jail. (As shown bellow)