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By masterwit

Free for all slayer map that was built with two main requirements: good spawning for a wide range of players and LOS built around the BR. The result has been after many matches: 4-11 players spawn with virtually no spawn kills. (Radar free, pro BR 4 shot, weapons on map). Lastly reduced (small) token ammo power weapons function more as map tools instead of control points in a fickle slayer pro environment.

I have had people complain from the initial start of their first match, everyone has changed their mind ~2 minutes in... give a run in FFA slayer pro with map weapons with 5 or more people and you should have an enjoyable playable round.

Sniper - top green hill, 8 shots
Rockets - directly below top green hill, then walk to center of map (into long green tunnel), rocket spawns in middle with only two shots (tool not a spawn camping weapon)
Shotgun - bottom of lift on far side is two pillars. In between these pillars of truth lie a 6 shot shotgun. Exit from this lift is a 50/50, however, as you do not immediately have shotgun range popping out above into a fantastic grenade zone.

Please give it a shot. Free tours if I am online... gamertag = masterwit. Latest revision will always be under my fileshare. I do not have knowledge on how to build a youtube video.

Sorry for the rambling, if this map gets some attention / I people comment, I will clean up this post considerably and add additional screens not taken drunk.

Variants versus player count:
ALG competitve FFA slayer --- 4-10 (a)
Slayer Pro + FFA + weapons on map --- 4-11 (b)
Infinity Slayer FFA + radarless --- 5-10 (c)
Infinity Slayer FFA --- 4-8 (d)
1v1 Pro/Inf? --- 2-2 (e)

(a) 4-shot seems to like one less than non four-shot slayer pro (b) be sure to set weapons on map as the Slayer Pro from matchmaking does not have those (c) radar reveals two-story layout and changes behavior in top center, lift, and spawning bottom middle green tunnel surrounding area (d) inexperienced players find it fun, I designed it for slayer pro but took care of kill areas, soft kill boundaries, and removed any huge movement disparities caused by jetpack, etc. (e) haven't played a 1v1 on the map, 7 other people have and said it was great.


there are 53 internal revisions for spawning and some set theory gave me the ability to support a spawn-kill free** environment we see for the ranges above. **relative reaction time is under 5 seconds at times, but directional spawn and a little map knowledge make this a non-issue. 1 out of ~130 testers has hated the map. I hope to have more constructive criticism or perhaps good polishing tips

many people told me what they didn't like (I interpreted there remarks as I saw fit, etc. etc.) but without testing help a map could not be worth anyone's time as we well know. My thanks to these people... especially the ones that I used-car-salesman talked into helping me test. Repeat testers and new user testing was mixed. Most common party size for testing was ~7 and most all testing was on a slayer pro variant with a 3 second radar for re-spawning at 25 meters for orientation challenged first-timers. that radar is annoying for MLG / Competitive clan players very quickly as they can retroactively reverse camp 1-2 times each / match using it.

unfortunately only 8 people I have never played with have sent me a message regarding how they enjoyed my map... not that much publicity. (Fame is not my goal but rather ffa slayer pro and it's use for warmups / building a team with fluctuating numbers). ~15 players frequently warm up here now for clan based matches (two clans) and I am just glad they enjoy it. Unfortunately they insisted I submit this here. I am not affiliated with these gaming communities


If you are willing, warm up with this map with

  • 5-10 lobby size
  • slayer pro + enable weapons on map OR alg v3+, FFA
  • 2 minute grace period as almost everyone will like it after a couple of minutes (lucky I suppose)
  • Will not work with team variants (stuck an initial spawn in there for team doubles but it is untested too)

GT=masterwit , file is public on my fileshare (Forge Island) Constructive criticism is always welcome, I'll give free tours if I am online in game, sorry for the few typos and potato camera.

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