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Premium Forged Maps -Space Jam Home Court
Score: +4 - 4/0
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Space Jam Home Court
By lphily lblunts

This map is a sweet Basketball court set in space with several futuristic embellishments that you would expect from a court designed for spartans. I highly recommend picking up the gametype Streetball v2 so that you can appreciate the map the way it is intented to be played. I had a circle of btb tryhard friends that we ran a league with on this map. Gameplay is fast paced and extremely competitive. Now with the advent of the Ricochet Gametype the map runs alot better and you can now shoot the ball. I hope you enjoy. Special shout out to NewNameClassic SsTtOeNvEeR420 Mr Pown 69 and others who helped forge this map. And a shout out to JH2 Executioner and Antichrist for helping playtest. One to Spirit Bombs for randomly flying the banshee around as we forged.

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