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Premium Forged Maps -DECAYED* by MiCkEy O rOuRkE
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Video Gameplay
  • my video showing speed forge n gameplay

By MiCkEy O rOuRkE

This is a medium sized map which works well for king of the hill and slayer, but also other game-types. It has a road around the outside of the map which teams can control using the warthog provided at the centre of the map. The crane contains a sniper and a teleporter which is connected to the other side of the main central building. there is also a man cannon on top of the green over hanging bridge and a broken piece which can be crouch jumped to from the raised platform on the bridge for a silent approach. There is a raised platform at the end of the crane walkway to prevent campers from hogging the sniper.

Image Gallery
  • shot sniper tower with green bridge man cannon

  • concussion rifle spawn above red base

  • blue base where random ordnance drops

  • middle with warthog n man cannon to concussion rifle platform

  • below the crane man cannon throws player to top of bridge

  • bridge and both man cannons in view of sniper tower

  • weapon, spawn n ordnance locations