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Premium Forged Maps - PRESSURIZED
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MiCkEy O rOuRkE
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Video Gameplay
  • quick fly through of map

  • game over studios feature

By MiCkEy O rOuRkE

This is a medium sized map which works well for capture the flag and slayer, but also other game-types. Rapid close quarters combat with some great lines of fire from the high platforms, has great little jump spots to surprise foes and get to objectives. Its a symmetrical map like a reflection. My map got reviewed by a machinima affiliate GAME OVER STUDIOS back in November, I had 650 DOWNLOADS on my original file on my file-share when the episode was aired but I tweaked the spawn points and power weapons to make it flow better for competitive play so its been reset to zero.

Image Gallery
  • red spawn n red flag

  • green base

  • gold base n gold flag

  • blue sniper spawn

  • scattershot at middle of map

  • weapon n spawn locations

  • blue spawn viewpoint

  • gold teleporter on top of gold base

  • green teleporter in green base