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By wade

After watching the last decade of Cinema be completely dominated by Super Hero movies it occurred to me that I have never really played a great super hero multi-player game. I knew that it would be difficult to create a fun and exciting Super Hero game using the Halo physics engine, but that is what I set out to do.

SUPERHEROS allows the spartans to fly around like Superman. Every player has a different "Superpower." These are represented by the power weapon that they select before they enter the map. The weapons are all lined up in a starting gate. The gate is located in an etherial zone far above the map. This etherial zone is where all of the initial and re-spawn points are located. Players cannot harm each other while they are in this zone. Once you pass through the one way shield to select a weapon you are shot down into the map and the game begins. No spartan can return to the etherial zone once he/she has left. It is surrounded by a thin kill zone on all sides.

The biggest challenge for me while making this map was getting the flying down. I wanted the spartans to fly around rather quickly, but the Jet Pack has very poor lateral movement, and the thruster pack has literally no vertical movement. The solution was to amp up the players movement speed to 300%. This allows a spartan with a Jet Pack to fly at about the same speed as a Forge Monitor.

The problem with amping up the player speed to 300% is that running along the ground becomes very difficult to control and the whole experience is to erratic. I was able to solve that problem by placing a thin layer of trait zone over every walkable surface on the map. These trait zones reduce the players speed to a more manageable 150% with unlimited sprint. This reduction also makes it so that a sprinting spartan is moving at about the same speed as a flying spartan.

Traits and Weapons:

300% Speed (flying)
150% Speed / Unlimited Sprint (running)
150% Jump Height

1000% Damage Resistance
15 Second Shield Recharge Wait
10% Shield Recharge Rate

Unlimited Ammo (bottomless clip)
200% Mele Damage

Weapons: Incineration Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod Cannon, Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Needler, Rail Gun, Concussion Rifle, Binary Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Beam Rifle, Scattershot, Plasma Pistol, SAW

Weapons Re-Supply every 200-220 seconds.

Load Out: Assault Rifle, Magnum