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By hwm wheels

Supernova is a symmetrical space vessel designed for Big Team Slayer and Capture the Flag . It is inspired by Halo 3's Rat's Nest. Like the previous map's description, this is an indoor vehicle paradise. Each team gets 2 Warthogs and 2 Mongooses with a neutral Ghost. The bases contain UNSC weapons/vehicles and the interior is all covenant themed.

Basically, there is an oval shaped more spacious area for vehicles and a more indoorsy area in the middle for groundpounders. Vehicles can be driven to any area of the map. However, the middle areas are harder to access with barriers in place, but can be navigated with practice. This will separate the unskilled drivers from the true wheelmen.

Also, many opportunities for shenanigans are here. The gravity hammer packs a whallop on vehicles. The concussion rifle takes the place of the old brute shot to do the same thing from a distance. Sticky Detonators are always fun (try sticking one to a shield door). And you can't go wrong with mancannons, fusion coils, ramps, and a shade turret.. I hope you all enjoy it!

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