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Premium Forged Maps -BTB Archeron v4
Score: +2 - 2/0
x3333x just woods
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BTB Archeron v4
By x3333x

-Archeron is a map designed for BTB. It features a Mantis (60 seconds respawn) in the middle of the map, two Warthogs (120 seconds respawn) which are also placed in the middle map and two Ghosts (120 seconds respawn), one at each base. Every base also has a Railgun which spawns every 180 seconds, a Scattershot which spawns in the beginning only and a few more weapons like BRs and grenades. In the middle you have a Sniper and a Laser (180 seconds respawn). The map is fair and offers gameplay you have never seen before: The sniper-side is very high and the open-field where the Mantis spawns is very low. Due to the fact that the Mantis respawns every 60 seconds it is very important to hold every part of the middle. Rushing a base is not easy but if you manage to get the mantis and the high-ground controlled you can get some flag-caps! However bases are easy to defend and also connected to the high-ground which means you are not getting spawnkilled.

-Gametypes featured:
Flag [3]

-Please note that this map is constantly getting updated. The description and images of this map belong to the version 4.

Map forged by X3333X from IGNITION'FORGING

Image Gallery
  • Red base

  • Mantis garage

  • Sniper and mid-building

  • Top-mid view on red base

  • Laser and bottom-mid

  • Front base

  • Red flag