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CSR Playlist
Big Team Battle
Rumble Pit
Team Snipers
Team Slayer Before Reset
Community Forge Island
Team Doubles
Team Objective
Capture the Flag
Dominion Light
Team Slayer
Rocket Race
Big Team SWAT
Ricochet Rebound
Castle DLC
Team Action Sack
Proving Ground
Team DLC
Community Forge Race
Ninja Assassins
Big Rumble
Global Championship Wk4
Legendary Slayer
Squad DLC
Global Championship Wk2
Flag Grab Bag
Ricochet Rebound
Global Championship Wk5
Team Oddball
Community Forge Ricochet
Halo 4 Birthday Fiesta
Champions Bundle DLC
King of the Hill
CSR History
CSR Playlist Date Collected
SWAT 11/5/2013
SWAT 10/3/2013
Rumble Pit 10/3/2013
Team Slayer 7/5/2013
Team Slayer 6/23/2013
Big Team Battle 6/23/2013
SWAT 6/23/2013
SWAT 6/21/2013
SWAT 6/9/2013
Dominion 6/8/2013
SWAT 6/8/2013
SWAT 5/31/2013
Team Slayer 5/31/2013
Regicide 5/29/2013
Team Objective 5/29/2013
Multi-Team 5/29/2013
Team Doubles 5/29/2013
SWAT 5/29/2013
Rumble Pit 5/26/2013
Big Team Battle 5/26/2013
Big Team Battle 5/25/2013
Team Snipers 5/25/2013
Team Snipers 5/20/2013
SWAT 5/20/2013
Community Forge Island 5/20/2013
Big Team Battle 5/20/2013
Regicide 5/20/2013
Dominion 5/20/2013
SWAT 5/19/2013
Rumble Pit 5/18/2013
Multi-Team 5/18/2013
Team Objective 5/18/2013
Capture the Flag 5/18/2013
Team Doubles 5/18/2013
Team Snipers 5/18/2013
SWAT 5/18/2013
Rumble Pit 5/15/2013
Team Snipers 5/15/2013
Team Snipers 4/28/2013
SWAT 4/28/2013
Big Team Battle 4/18/2013
Team Snipers 4/18/2013
SWAT 4/18/2013
CSR Stats
Highest CSR
Average CSR
Sum CSR 195