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GamerTag: M O N lK E Y
User Name: x M o n k e y
Join Date: 6/15/2010
Page Views: 3228
Days Played: 4361 days
Started Playing: 2/11/2008
Last Updated: 1/10/2020
Rank: 50
Grade: General, Grade 4
Total EXP: 8,627 #
Exp Effectiveness: 94.86%
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Ranked Games: 868
Ranked K/d: 1.5595
Ranked Kills: 9861
Ranked Deaths: 6323
Ranked K/g: 11.3606
Ranked D/g: 7.2846
Social Stats
Social Games: 8226
Social K/d: 2.5286
Social Kills: 93124
Social Deaths: 36829
Social K/g: 11.3207
Social D/g: 4.4771
Overall Stats
Online Games Played: 9,094 #
Overall K/d: 2.39
Overall Kills: 102985
Overall Deaths: 43152
Overall K/g: 11.32
Overall D/g: 4.75
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