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The High Council (THC)
Created by: BTK420247

A Little History.

The High Council was formed after 9 members of another clan had differences of opinion with the clan leader. All it took was the first member to leave and it created a domino effect.

The group continued to play Halo together after they left the clan,  and ideas began to be formed about a fairer way to run a clan. The first person to change their emblem was copied and this is how the Clan emblem came about.

It was decided that the best thing to do would be to make the gamers involved. Then came the idea of the founding members forming a committee with a 'majority rule' policy, so that all decisions the clan needs to make can be done so as a team. As there was an uneven number, it means that there can never be a tied vote thus always resulting in a decisive outcome.

The High Council.
We are a clan currently using Halo Reach on XBox 360, though we will be switching to Halo 4 upon it's release.
We have 9 founding members who make up the council underwhich decisions for the clan are made, to ensure fairness in all areas.
The 9 founding members are:

Bobo Giraffe
Nym 146
o iReFuZeD v

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