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The Hayes
Created by: danno1369



The Hayes on HTR!
Well, I was bored. I admit it. So, I decided to log on to HaloTracker! So now, I will be checking this site occasionally. If you are part of the Clan, please register and join this "group," as it is called. Thanks!

If you do not know anything about who/what(mostly what) we are, we are a Clan of *skilled players who plays Halo Reach.
We despise Halo 4's noobishness(which is as of now, a word) and enjoy Halo Reach and 3. We hate noobing and enforce *skill.
That does not mean we don't have fun, we just might not appeal to everyone(that means every single noob who plays infection.)

We have a website! Here it is:
We also have Xbox LIVE GamerTags(a real shocker, seeing that we are a Halo clan):

If you wish to join, please contact us on our website(listed above, in case you can't remember the things that you read.)
If you wish to admire our glory, do it any form you choose. We appreciate any support that we receive.

Thanks for reading this tangent I went on(which was relatively short, compared to what I normally go on.) If you are already a member, I do recommend HTR. Get on here! Now my minions, disperse!
-danno1369, Chttp://reator,Founder,Jumpy Assassin