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The Greater Spartan Repiblic
Created by: Dryden



Greater Spartan Republic HQ
The Republic is a Military based clan with Military based ranks and veiws. The proud few that are in the Republic strife to become the best that they can be. If you care to join the mighty Spartan Republic you can be Recruited into one of 3 Branches.

Republic Branches:
Republic Army: Branch Leaders( Republic Leader & ToniLovesTacos a.k.a General of the army )
Republican Guards: Branch Leaders (Redbullskater & Autumn)
Vehicle Branch
Panther Division: Division Leader (Spacey Acorn)
Luftwaffe a.k.a Republic Air Force: Division Leader To be Announced.

If you care to join the Republic and her Fight agaisnt other Clans please message the following High Ranking Officers.
High Ranking Officers:
Republic Leader
ToniLovesTacos (offical rank; General of the Army)
Redbullskater (offical rank; Cheif Warrant Officer)
Autumn (Offical rank; Second in command of the Republican Guards)
Spacey Acorn (offical rank; Panther Division Leader)