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The Art of Gaming
Created by: Gotgamer456

The Art of Gaming

Who Are We?
The Art of Gaming is a structured Halo based community that focuses on recruiting mature gamers to compete against one another in competitive ladders. TAG appeals to everyone because it offers a competitive atmosphere for gamers who strive to win, and it also offers a mature community for the casual gamer. As a member of TAG you will never have to play alone, having a group of friends that play and enjoy Halo as much as you do will make your WarGames experience much more enjoyable. TAG ensures that immature members will not be apart of your day-to-day experience through multiple means of “recruit-filtration”, we encourage only mature and appropriate gamers join so that YOUR experience within TAG will be the best possible.

What Do We Do?

Short Version: We play Halo 4
Long Version: We play matchmaking together as well as compete against each other, improve our gameplay by going over map callouts, basic in-game strategies, helpful jumps, and gameplay tips.

Why Do We Do This?

We believe that we can improve almost anyones day-to-day matchmaking experience by pairing them with gamers that have gameplay styles and personalities complimentary to each others, and by giving them a structured environment in which they can learn new things, improve their skills and help others to do the same.

How Do I Join?

Joining is very simple, all you have to do is go to create an account, and make a post in the "Join The Art of Gaming Thread." An Admin will get you assigned to an assessment squad where you will spend a few weeks learning how TAG operates as well as being "Assessed" by clan staff to assure you get placed in a squad that will work well for you (or that you DON'T get placed in a squad if you are immature). After you graduate from assessment you will be placed in a full time squad and from then on you will have a solid group of gamers that enjoy playing Halo just as much as you.