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SFC Spartan Fight Club
Created by: Tenacious Ninja

SFC or the Spartan Fight Club is a clan that originally formed during Halo 2. This clan is for gamers that enjoy playing Halo competively and for fun. This clan will be competitive and take part in clan battles and/or custom gametypes. There is a ranking system in place that soley depends on the idividual gamer so basically it depends on you.  Each member is expected to follow these rules:
1. must be 16 years old or older
2. have a copy of Halo:MCC with a working mic ( we do play all halo games)
3. be respectful to all members
4. no racism
5. no drama! (this isn't an episode of the kardashians)

In conclusion if you want to a join a clan with laid back members who enjoy and play alot of Halo then send me a msg on here or xboxlive.  we are always recruiting and looking for new members!