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Created by: BeaterKirito

Info on RA_Beater
if you clicked on this so far you must be interested, here is some basic information about the clan.


We originally started in 2012 as a ODST clan on reach, we were young and foolish and from their we moved from clan to clan and finally came back as the SAO clan near the end of 2013 losing most of our members through time, and after a new start in 2014 i decided to choice a name from within the anime which reflected on the remaining members Beater which stand for beta testing games such as halo and other games like Crisis 3 and the recent Titanfall plus many others and cheater and not the cheater that you normally know.... being called cheaters for getting into regions which look to be impossible but was able to be done by use so beta+cheater= Beater and the RA being the initials of my self and another member.


Their are currently three active branches in the clan:

Recruiting & Defense
Recon and Special Ops

These branches are controlled by four different people which make up the RA_Beaters Competitive team or MLG team and are the best in the clan. All new recruits start of at Recruiting & Defense until they are able to complete the basic training of the clan, you then apply to move to another branch and show that you are worth it or stay in defense where you have already earned your place.


Depending on the branch ranks will differ.

The RA_Beater Competitive team:

As the beater we pry to try and be the best at what we do and to insure this we created a team to show this with the best players we can get which become generals of the overall clan and leaders within their branches.

Their is still currently one more space availiable to try out for and to do this contact me on live (xWhiteStealthx) and we will see if we will accept you.