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Welcome to Halotracker!

Mega Brad
Created by: Gagnon 30

We are a clan for fans of both the Halo XBOX Games and Halo Mega Bloks Toys! YOU CAN STILL JOIN THE CLAN IF YOU DON’T COLLECT THE TOYS! We are in the end, a group of people who like to play Halo for fun! That’s right, FOR FUN.


We are in the middle of an expansion of this group with new pages, new look ect ect. Click the following to see some of these new features!


When/how did the clan begin?

The  clans origins go back to the Halo Mega Bloks Facebook site. Fans of HMB (Halo Mega Bloks) post at this site and in the fall of 2011, Gagnon 30 decided to host a Halo game night since it was clear many of the people on the Facebook site enjoyed playing the Halo Xbox game as well.

Half a dozen members took part in a three hour game night which was a blast filled with Matchmaking and custom games. It was clear to everyone who attended that it would be a good idea to make this a regular event, and Gagnon30 decided to make a clan for those who shared similar interests in both the Halo Mega Bloks toys and the Halo Video Game.

Why is the Clan hosted at a third party site? Why don’t they have a standalone website?

The Clan currently has a modest following and not yet is able to have its own stand alone website. Thanks to the existence of other generous Halo sites which host groups, Mega Brad is taking advantage of this resource and at first went to After a month Halocharts unfortunately closed down and then Mega Brad moved to, its current home.
While Halocharts was a good site, and its closing was a blow to the community, one blessing in the forced move to Halotracker is that its group set up is a little more dynamic and has allowed Mega Brad to have things such as multiple group pages and custom avatars.

Although Gagnon30 has extensive experience webmastering clan sites for other games, there is no plan right now to have a standalone independent site. This is for financial and convenience reasons. It could change going forward but for now the group is happy and appreciative with the Halotracker host!

Why the name “Mega Brad”?

The Community Manager for Mega Bloks who is admin at the Halo Mega Bloks Facebook site and has a great repore with his community is named Brad. One running joke at the Facebook site amongst regular visitors is that people make posts directed to him that start with “Hey Brad”. (Even though as admin his screen name is the pages title “MEGA Bloks — Halo: The Authentic Collector's Series“) When Gagnon30 decided to start up the clan, there were a few days of a lot of random posts at the Facebook site where regulars posted “Hey Brad” just for kicks. It was then with tongue in cheek when he decided to name the group “Mega Brad”.

There is of course relevance to the name, as members are fan of  Halo Mega Bloks, “Mega Brad” is a direct reference to them! It also is a name that has origins in a joke, which shows the side that the clan puts fun ahead of competition.

Do I have to be a fan of the Mega Bloks toys to join?

Although initially it was a prerequisite you had to be when the clan started, in Jan 2012 this was dropped. Many members had friends who wanted to join who didn’t share the HMB admiration but liked playing the game.
So now, provided you have approval/endorsement from a current Mega Brad member, you CAN join the clan. Although your rank will designate non HMB fans from those who are for the sake of convenience.

How do I rank up at the clan?

There are two ways.

1: Automatic rank ups based on number of posts. If you post a lot in the forums, you will rank up.

2: Gagnon30 can give you a promotion for activity, contribution to the clan/community or for other special reasons.