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Knights of Light
Created by: Kawar

Hi Everyone welcome to the Knights of Light Group page we are a new clan and we are looking for more people to join us and have fun with us playing any of the halo games.We are people who will play halo long in to the night if we feel we want.'

Here is a little about us,well Me I like to play halo1-4 still have not played wars yet but i will.I like to play 1-4 with friends and see how we do when we play online.We can be a bit crazy at times but trust me that is nothing to worry about.

We as a team will play team things online and even TEAM TOURNAMENTS WHEN I FIND ONES THAT ARE OFFERING TEAMS.WE ALSO WILL GO IN TO TOURNAMENTS AS EACH MAN FOR THEM SELF'S AS WELL.IF WE WANT OR CAN.SEEING AS SOMETIMES PEOPLE WANT ONE V ONES.We are happy to have as many people as we can here.Please use are forums that i made on this page for are clan ask all your questions on the forums.