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Knights Of Fun Times
Created by: Zenshinron

Hello everyone, I made this group so people can have fun. There are a few rules if your gonna join this group. (if i can have rules otherwise if the maker of this website tells me to take them down then i will)
Rule 1, Be Friendly to others (Trash talk is allowed but don't use words that would start a hate fight with)
Rule 2, Have Fun gaming.
Rule 3, There are no more rules. (at this time)
When and If this group gets going...
When and If this group gets going, i will share some stuff like hints and tips I've learned from other that i gamed with.
Also if anyone wants to have like a game night Schedule, I'll gladly make some or have others make some. I'll have others be moderator in this group when i game with them a few times. Anyways have fun gaming. :)