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Welcome to Halotracker!

HaloTracker Machinema Group
Created by: Envy661

Filled Rolls:

Blue Team:
Flake - Hellraizer
Dew - Envy661
Dooche - Halobot
Rya - Gunner Rya

Green Team:
Jerk -  The Jerk
Dougy - Bishop
Shoop - Jennie
Maude -  Ativan

Miscellaneous Roles:
Someone with an HD cap Card - Blinkz, The Jerk
Someone who can do editing - Ativan
Someone who is willing to save the clips -
Multiple people willing to help with the scripts -
Someone who can provide a decent headquarters (or modify the one I am working on) to look like a real part of the map (that means no texture fighting or objects popping out of other objects where they aren't supposed to. Final draft will be edited by me, and map maker will be given credit for the production)

There will be auditions taking place whenever you see me online on Xbox LIVE (GT - Envy661). You send me a text message, tell me what character you are trying out for, as well as hours available, Halotracker time, and finish off by saying something you would expect the character you are trying out for to say in the voice section of the message.

Questions? Complaints? Concerns? Add me to your Live Messenger List: [email protected]