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HTR's Halo 4 Game Night
Created by: Darkened Night

Rules & Procedures
With Game Night being a common event, rules must be put in place to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. For this reason, certain offenses can get you punished through various means. This is not to create a jail-like feel where totalitarianism is enforced, but to make ensure that players that participate spend their time enjoying the experience that Game Night was intended for. So to avoid problems here is the order of business in terms of offenses:

Rage Quitting
We all get frustrated at Reach sometimes, but remember that Game Night was established for good clean fun. While swearing in moderation is okay, we do not condone the act of quitting in any way, shape, or form (this does not apply to lagging out). Quitting Game Night games will result in the following penalties:

- 1st offense: Your progress towards your participation awards will be voided for that month. Simple as that.

- 2nd offense: Banned from the Game Night Group. Your awards will be voided and your statistics will not appear in the post-night report the on following day. Quit once, shame on you, quit twice, shame on us.

Repeat offenders will not only face these penalties but may suffer more severe ones if their involvement remains as a negative experience to other players.
This penalties do not apply to those who lag out. Discussions as to whether or not your removal was intentional or not remains up to the discretion of the Game Night staff.

Every once in a while, we find ourselves feeling guilty after launching that rocket and watching helplessly as it strikes unforgivably against the side of your teams Warthog. Sending them, arms flailing, into the ground. While this is a common part of playing Halo (which is quite humorous at times), it is not okay to shoot up your team as if there are the enemy of the game because they have your favorite weapon. We usually play with mics in; it isn't hard to call dibs or even ASK politely for it. Usually most players are understanding and will make a deal with you, so lets leave the intentional betrayals for another time. If you feel the need to shoot the wrong color, you will be punished as follows:

- Any offense: The punishment for intentional betrayals will vary depending on the degree of the offense. Accidentally nading is much different from ending someone's Perfection, so the result may be anywhere from no ban to as brutal as a ban for the entire night. Again, this is up to the discretion of the Game Night staff and should not be fought over.

Drama / Arguments
"Cool story bro." -- life can be a pain sometimes, but it is unnecessary to discuss all of your circumstances from a day to day perspective while playing in Game Night. We meet once month to enjoy our games, not to listen to people going off about how their friend did this and that. Little discussions are okay, but let's limit it to that. Also falling into this category is the creation of drama between two participants. Focus on playing against the enemy and enjoying yourself instead of bickering about how much better you are than [insert gamertag here]. If things take a turn for the worse and become an argument, you may be removed from the game night from unpleasant behavior. So if you feel offended on an issue, use the mute option and inform a Game Night host instead of fighting back. This issue also applies to power weapons and vehicles; players should commonly refer to the "dibs" method and the cycle method, in the event that two players cannot agree on who should nab the ordinance.

- Any offense: Again, there is no way to establish official rules without first determining the level of the offense; your may be forced to join another host or your faction may even be changed. Remember that excessive behavioral issues may result in removal from the group. The final decisions rest with the Game Night staff, once again.