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Welcome to Halotracker!

Created by: ecgxdrgrady

EvilCorpGaming is always seeking active gamers willing to join a "corporate themed" gaming community. Our ranking structure reflects to those of a real company and is managed in the same manner. We hope to provide an all around complement to your gaming experience by providing like minded gamers.

* Brotherhood oriented gaming clan-munity
* We offer competitive teams for each of our featured games
* We offer casual gamers for recreational game play
* No tolerance for spamming, cheating and drama
* Fully developed and informative website
* Community forums with galleries, videos, employee areas
* Live broadcasts from our PC and Xbox divisions on Twitch.TV
* Some minimal support for our PC gamers
* Management is 100% involved within the clan
* Tournaments and competitions for real prizes
* Clan wide fun nights for our featured games
* Merchandise available at the virtual store
* Easy rules backed up by a "Policies and Procedures Guide"
* Social Media site support
Welcome to the crew
We are currently hosted on and have a youtube page

We are a growing community that play multiple games both casually and competitively. We are always looking for more people.

If you are already a member then enjoy your stay in this group/community. If not, get to applying people!