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DSB Romeo Platoon
Created by: DSB Fresh

Romeo Platoon was formed on May 17th, 2012, and placed under the command of 1Lt. Valorious and Cpl. Affliction. Romeo started off with seven members and will undoubtedly increase in the near future. Romeo's main goal is to one day become the most competitive platoon in Brigade History.

As of June 30th, Affliction joined the NCO Corps and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. On June 30th Valorious stepped down as Commanding Officer of Romeo, and handed the reins to Sgt. Affliction. With Valorious' departure, a new Executive Officer was named; Cpl. Crayola. On July 29th, Sgt. Affliction was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, while Crayola joined the NCO Corps and was promoted to Sergeant.

As of September 13th, Sgt. Crayola was removed from Romeo Platoon, due to personal issues, she went on a Leave of Absence. That same day, Specialist Bear stepped up to the plate, and accepted the position of Executive Officer of Romeo Platoon.